Yes! You Can Own a Gym and Keep Your Day Job! Here’s How One Sales Analyst Does it Now.

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  • Yes! You Can Own a Gym and Keep Your Day Job! Here’s How One Sales Analyst Does it Now.

Ready to own a gym but need to keep your day job? It can be done! Read on to learn how one of our clients runs a gym while working full-time.

Fit Factory

Fit Factory, Idaho – How greatness began

In January 2023, Tanner Boudrero fulfilled a lifelong dream – to own a small business. A sales analysts with iFit, an international equipment and sports technology manufacturer, he loved the idea of being his own boss. That vision came true when he acquired Fit Factory in Preston, Idaho.

Modestly, despite his lack of experience, he believed his background prepared him to operate a gym effectivel. Especially as the previous owner ran it “pen and paper” style: all the bookkeeping, management, and contracts completed manually on paper. This relaxed management style bled over into the day-to-day operations as doors were never locked at the 24/7 gym and employees typically put in only about five hours of work per day. Luckily, a deep dive into the owner’s financial records revealed a profitable business.

Is his day job aware of his side gig as a gym owner?

Yes! He is fully transparent with his current company and even enjoys the perks of employee discounts on equipment – helpful when restocking a commercial gym.  

Fit Factory

How much time does he spend at the Fit Factory each week?

Boudrero devotes about 16 hours a week to the 3,000-square-foot facility. Like many gym owners, he cleans the gym himself on Saturdays. Weekdays in the evening or morning, he restocks, puts together equipment, and takes care of other duties along with managing his employee. 

How can he juggle so much with so little effort?

While in the process of buying Fit Factory, he discovered and installed Gym Insight’s gym management software. Its easy-to-navigate user interface made it both simple to learn, and stress-free for employees. Shortly after installing Insight software, he migrated to our Digital Keytag system, which provides a contactless method for signing up customers at any time, day or night. He explains, “Gym Insight has allowed streamlined involvement from customer to owner. Without Gym Insight I would not be able to do what I am doing right now. I firmly believe that.”

Four Reasons Gym Insight Spearheaded Fit Factory’s growth:

  • 24/7 Access to Sales – Insight’s reports revealed many new-customer signups occur in the evenings, especially Sunday nights. With dreams of starting a fresh exercise routine right away, these new members are able to establish memberships and receive their digital keytags without waiting on a Fit Factory employee. “It’s been awesome for sales, because I don’t have to be there to make a key,” he said. 
  • Easy Guest Passes – The Fit Factory is located in a small town of about 5,000 residents. Once a year, a visiting rodeo competition floods the city with visitors. By marketing digital keytags as a simple and easy avenue for exercising while in town, guest passes have increased substantially. The extra business adds a bump to the bottom line, smoothing out the strain caused by slower months. 
  • Simple to Onboard – The software takes very little time to learn. Additionally, its remote access allows Tanner and his wife Meg to manage the company’s nitty-gritty details from their home. 
  • Affordable Software – Being a numbers guy, Boudrero watches his pennies. Gym Insight’s monthly cost is less than half that of its leading national competitor. 

Still Interested in owning your own gym? Here’s Boudrero’s advice:

  • Understand your customer and your demographics. Craft a top-notch customer experience. 
  • Don’t skimp on equipment. It’s a big part of why the customer is at your gym. 
  • Be prepared to fix equipment quickly. Build a plan for repairing equipment as soon as possible – fast moves keep complaints, griping, and social media-blasts to a minimum! 
  • Look for creative ways to finance the gym. Boudrero purchased Fit Factory with no money down. This savvy money move left room for new equipment purchases and eased the usual new-business, cash-strapped jitters. 
  • Grasp your churn rate and sales margins. Insight’s software can help with that! If you don’t know how many customers you’re losing each month, or your profit on a bottle of water, how can you determine if you’re making any money?  
  • Keep the day job! A steady paycheck provides security and extra support while you launch your new gym.
Fit Factory
Tanner and Meg Boudrero, owners of the Fit Factory, Preston Idaho

What is in the future for Fit Factory?

The Boudreros’ plan to continue growing floor space by buying out the building’s remaining 2,000 square feet when the space becomes available. Additionally, they would like to expand through acquiring nearby established gyms.

However, that’s pretty ambitious for a 10-month-old gym. Right now, they are satisfied with making Fit Factory the best it can be through good marketing and excellent gym management. One day, though, he does hope to retire, and — what else? — hang out at the gym.

Gym Insight

Thank you, Tanner Boudrero, for opening up to us about your second job. It’s a dream for many to own a club dedicated to health, fitness, and wellness. We are excited our gym management software has made this aspiration come true for you. Our fully integrated, seamless and affordable software makes both customer management and gym management a breeze. Check it out today. Visit our website or social media, and tune in to our Gym Owner’s Podcast to hear customer testimonials and explore essential topics of interest to gym owners.