Digital Keytags — Ready for Our Most Advanced Gym Access System? 

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  • Digital Keytags — Ready for Our Most Advanced Gym Access System? 

We invite you to test our newest product – digital keytags.

If you’ve ever worried about customers sharing keys or have lost business because you can’t get to the club in time, this key is for you. Gym Insight’s newly released, app-based digital keytags are equipped with a QR code that can never be copied or shared. At the same time, members enjoy immediate, secure mobile access to your fitness center within minutes of sign-up.

How does our digital keytag work?

Customers download an app on their mobile phones. Embedded in the app is the digital keytag. Your member simply pulls up the app, opens to the QR code, and scans his or her phone for access. Once inside the gym, your member uses the same QR code to sign in, and is off to their workout.

What makes digital keytags special?

They reduce theft. Every time a member scans the QR code, the app produces a new, unique code. This system makes it very difficult for a member to share or copy their door access key. After all, how many people are willing to lend their phone to a friend?

Who designed the digital keys? 

We did! Our crackerjack team of software techies researched, designed, and built the app. It’s all in-house — no irritating third party subcontractors.  

How does a customer access the keys?

That’s the best part! Once a new member joins your gym, they are invited to download the app from an email received at sign-up. There’s no need to go to an app store. This feature allows customers to, quite literally, sign up for a gym membership online and receive a key to your gym without ever meeting an employee. Current members just register through their accounts to receive an emailed link. 

Watch a member use the new digital keytags designed by Gym Insight.

Our digital keytags offer a ton of benefits for just pennies a key!

We’ve heard, in some exclusive communities, front desk employees are demanding — and receiving — $35-an-hour salaries. That’s painful when competing at $20-a-month membership fees.

Our digital keytags solves at least part of this problem, ultimately saving you time and money. With an app-based key system, you’re no longer tied to the front desk or, over-scheduling expensive employees to ensure a new customer receives a key.

It’s economical, too. Digital access keys also cost only about .25 cents each per month.

No wait for stock, either! 

The global shortage of semiconductor chips has put a damper on RFID keys. It can take up to two months or longer to receive a shipment of traditional, plastic swipes. Our digital keytags skip over physical material and go straight to the mobile phone.

In-house built. In-house supported.

To discover how this simple, app-based digital access key can transform your gym ownership experience, book a demonstration today by visiting our contact page. Then, once you’re sold on our digital keytags, come talk with us on our Gym Owners podcast. We’d love to share your experiences with our audience.

Gym Insight 

At Gym Insight, our gym membership software provides a clear, transparent picture into your company’s financials, and offers a platform from which to run your business effectively. Our software is built in-house, by fitness club owners. There are no cumbersome third-party plug-ins or complicated protocols, and it’s available for a single, low monthly subscription price — no hidden fees, no links to your payment processor. Call us today for a free demonstration on how we can lower your software management costs and free up time and capital. 

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