Gym Owners, Are You Still Texting Customers?

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  • Gym Owners, Are You Still Texting Customers?

Gym Insight Member’s App Replaces Text Messaging 

If so, you might want to cut that out. The Campaign Registry (TCR), sanctioned through the federal government, has stepped in and created a labyrinth of new rules, procedures, fees, and fines for businesses who direct-message their customers, effective August 31, 2023.

Yep, you missed the TCR deadline.

Although the overall intent of TCR is to reduce spam messages sent to consumers, the end result for fitness clubs, and other small businesses, is to throttle text messaging. In effect, every phone number your company uses to text customers for marketing purposes must be registered per campaign. One-time fees, as well as monthly charges, will be applied per campaign as decided by mobile carriers. 

What is a campaign? A single message. For example, “Hey Customer, XYZ Fitness Here! All members receive a free re-usable water bottle just for referring a friend! Stop by the desk for details.” 

If a prospect responds: “That’s great! What if I refer three people?” – that’s considered a second campaign. If you answer, you’ve just sent an unauthorized message and may be subject to fines. Eventually, unregistered numbers and unauthorized campaigns can be blocked, fined, or given stricter limitations per mobile carrier rules, according to Lightspeed’s blog. 

Essentially, unless you’ve got unlimited cash and one heck of a marketing team, the days of SMS messaging customers are over. 

How can my gym contact customers then?

Gym Insight’s gym management software includes a Member’s App at no extra cost. This handy tool includes a messaging feature to stay in communication with customers. Now you can send highly specific bulk messages and individualized automated messages easily and quickly. Messages are delivered through push notifications(if enabled) and always land in their inbox on the Member’s App. 

The process is simple: Your gym sends members an invite to sign up for the App through email or a code. Once they’ve downloaded the App from either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store you are able to communicate with them through the messaging feature. 

Why would my customers want a Member’s App?

For convenience!  With you customizable, branded Member’s App, gym fans may: 

  • View the club’s calendar
  • Edit or make class/personal training reservations
  • Edit account information 
  • Update payments (if enabled by owner)
  • View check-in history 

If your gym uses our digital keytag system, customers also may access your facility through the App. 

Also — coming soon — gym fans will be able to order inventory and reactivate their accounts through the App. What a great convenience for rushed members to order bottles of water prior to hitting the gym! And, as an owner, imagine the advantage of customers impulsively firing up closed accounts!

Discover how Gym Insight’s Member App’s can spearhead your gym’s growth. 

There are only a few ways a gym increases revenue: grow customer count, cut back on staff, or invest in new services. Our Member’s App allows you to do all of these without sacrificing customer loyalty. Once the Member’s App is in place and in use by your customers, changing concepts or adding services is as simple as flipping a light switch. 

Opening 24/7 is one of the best ways our customers grow while cutting expenses. Although it seems counterintuitive – how can adding hours cut expenses? — our digital key system allows just that. With the right infrastructure in place (such as installing inside cameras), you can reduce the number of employees, allow customers to let themselves in securely, and minimize door-access theft.

Gym members now have seamless access to your gym through their Member’s App. 

Digital Keytag Access
Use Our Member’s App to Easily Connect to Customers

How do digital keytags work?

Fitness fans simply log into their Member’s App and their digital keytag appears. They then scan the digital keytag to open the door or check in at the front desk. No need to see an employee. 

Additionally, digital keytags make new member sign-ups a breeze. Links are sent to their email upon signing up for a membership. The transaction requires no employees – even if the member signs up at 3 a.m. and immediately heads out to exercise. Instant access, every time.

As Charles Hubbell, owner of Firehall Fitness in Livingston, Montana, explains it, he now makes money “24-hours a day.” For more information, take a look at this article.

Does Gym insight Charge for the App?

No, that’s the best part! The Gym Insight Member App is included in our software services and fully integrates into your database. Send push messages, notify delinquent accounts, alert expiring card owners, and more without finagling with a single unresponsive, badly designed software feature.

Easy, affordable, ready for use. That’s Gym Insight’s Member App.

Gym Insight – Gym Management Software

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