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New Reports for Enhanced Gym Management!!

New Report: View Check-ins by Hour of Day: Located under the Access Reports tab, this new report will allow you to easily identify peak times and slow times in your facility. Select a range of dates and the graph will plot out the average number of member visits per hour. Learn More Scheduled Payments report renamed!: Quick FYI, to better reflect reality we’ve renamed the Scheduled Payments report to Pending Account Dues (under the Financial Reports) tab. The Scheduled Payments report now shows the actual scheduled payments as shown on accounts. These are typically one-time or annual recurring payments. Learn More

Gym Punch Card

Punch Card Feature Now Available

Now your members can enjoy the benefits of the classic punch card.  The ways to utilize this feature are endless.  Your fitness business can use the punch card to create a reward program, to track classes, or to manage visitor packages with ease.

Updates & Bug Fixes OH MY!

Updated the Dues Change Report to add year-over-year changes: The Dues Change Report will now show you a comparison with how you’re doing from the same date a year ago. This helpful snapshot can show you in a split second if you’re making progress or if you need some help! Remember, under your user profile you can have the Dues Change Report automatically emailed to you every night if you turn that option on! Learn More Added welcome letter, past-due letter, and past-due email previews: If you go to your location settings, you can now see a preview of the welcome letter, past-due [...]


New Account Screen and Browser Support Updates!

Added more browser support for the new account view:If you tried the new account view and it didn’t work correctly for you, please try it again now! We’ve added support for all major browsers including Internet Explorer versions 10 and up. Fixed a bug in the daily sales screen: If you were seeing sales from the previous day on your daily sales screen, that problem should be fixed now! Please let us know if you’re still experiencing problems with this. New account screen!: We’re working on modernizing the account screen and making it much more useful. You’ll notice a big [...]


Industry Trends Compared And Updated

It never hurts to look back at the predictions of the past and look at where the trends are leading at the present moment. I recently posted about the latest trends that were published by the American College Of Sports Medicine (ACSM). So I figured it might be appropriate to go back and look at how things are coming up from the view of the International Health, Racquet, and Sportsclub Association (IHRSA). Long time readers of this blog will remember that I posted an article about their trends for 2013. Now that we are through 2014 effectively it seems like a [...]


The First Reports On Gym Business Trends For 2015 Are Out

OK so it is about time to start looking at the trends for fitness in 2015 and the ACSM has released their most recent survey of club owners. There were not a lot of surprises but there are some interesting conclusions from that report and some other things that come up elsewhere that are really worth taking a look at. The trends for High Intensity Interval Training, bodyweight training and an increasing demand for trainer professionalism all seem to be holding course and continuing onward. It’s like there is no real change from last year but that is sometime how [...]


Gym Insight Is Now Servicing Over 2,000 Fitness Businesses

This month, Gym Insight had the honor of welcoming our two thousandth customer!  This is big news for us because we still pride ourselves on bootstrapping our company.  We believe that the focus is customer service and providing innovative software to keep even the smallest fitness studio two steps ahead of the big-box franchise down the street.  Our reputation and the the quantity of customers that we service, speaks for itself.  This family business grew organically and is here to stay.  Come on aboard with us to enjoy personal communications and streaming updates and features of the next generation gym [...]


Class Calendar Feature Now Available

Gym Insight just released the first version of our class calendar feature!  This will be a standard feature to all of our premium clients.  The class calendar feature is also included in our free version for all those who register to try out our software!  We now also have a website widget tutorial on the "Classes" page to help assist you in getting the calendar displayed on your own website in real time!  Don't be shy, try it out for yourself and let us know what you think.

Now Beta Testing Class Calendar Feature

Seeking Beta Testers: We are excited to announce that Gym Insight is now ready to start beta testing our new class scheduling feature.  This feature will be free to all our premium clients and has the capability to be displayed directly on YOUR business website!  Before we formally launch the product, we do need your help and feedback to perfect it.  If you are you are a premium client of ours, just drop us a line, and we will get you started scheduling. How do I get started? All you have to do is let us know that you are [...]


Looking for Barcoded Keytags?

Whether you have a front desk set up or a 24 hour access health club or studio, Gym Insight's access software works with barcode scanners and keytags.  Since we do not provide barcoded keytags, we have received countless requests from our software clients for referrals to a keytag provider.  For the best customer experience at the lowest cost and the easiest ordering process, check out  Owner, Lee Roberts, has been in the fitness commercial business for nearly 20 years.  Now, he exclusively specializes in barcoded keytags and works with a wide spectrum of fitness business owners, from large scale [...]

MailChimp's Mascot, Freddie

Gym Insight Now Integrated with MailChimp

You asked for it and now we got it! Gym Insight is now integrated with MailChimp. One of the most basic techniques for marketing and sales is utilizing email lists to contact both current and former members.  Now Gym Insight allows your fitness business to send mass emails for your business' promotions, newsletters, press releases, and other items. Once you become a premium client with Gym Insight, you will have the capability to link your Gym Insight account to MailChimp.   Gym Insight will then automatically create the two segments that matter most to your fitness business, current members and cancelled [...]

3D 1000

Gym Insight Breaks Over 1,000 Clients During Christmas 2013!

Less than 9 months after releasing Gym Insight's V2, we were extremely honored to welcome our 1,000 th active user on Christmas Eve. Gym Insight has grown faster than ever anticipated.  We want to thank you all for giving a small, organic software company an opportunity to help benefit your fitness business. The New Year is rapidly approaching and we can hardly contain our excitement to see what is to come.  We have a lot planned for you!  As we diligently work to make Gym Insight Management Software the most cost effective and easiest program on the market, we continue [...]