How One Gym Helps People Live Their Healthiest Life 

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  • How One Gym Helps People Live Their Healthiest Life 

December 2022 Profile. Superior Fitness of Granbury LLC., Granbury, Texas

It takes courage to follow your ethics. Samuel Frederick, owner of Superior Fitness of Granbury, Texas, framed his life around that very concept: Right is right. Wrong is wrong. 

In July 2021, he accepted the challenge of taking over a 2,600 square-foot personal training studio and gym courting a small, but dedicated customer base. Together with Donald Mathis, a long-time friend, they set out to create a fitness center reflecting their values: exercise as a gateway for progress, movement and long-term change. 

“I want(ed) people to learn to work out effectively,” by developing full body workouts and diversifying their routines frequently, Frederick says. His aspirations for his gym members? That they discover how to produce their own physical transformation through education and support, and are infused with the fire to keep improving. 

Frederick is an 18-year veteran of the fitness industry. Both he and Mathis are Strength & Conditioning Coach Certified (SCCC) through the Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association (CSCCa).

(Left to Right) Don Mathis, Samuel Frederick

This overarching passion to help people exercise correctly drives each of them to teach, coach, and inspire members to become healthier and stronger, regardless of whether they hire a trainer. It’s why the coaches do what they do.

Often, this requires educating reluctant members. 

For example, he explains, golf clients are frequently surprised to be assigned squat reps. What do legs have to do with golf, they ask? “Well,” he answers, “let me explain the reasoning.” 

Then, armed with that newfound knowledge, the client just became a stronger, less injury-prone athlete. 

superior Fitness LLC
Don Mathis training client

Building Superior Fitness on a foundation of knowledge

Frederick and Mathis first met at Texas Tech University as undergraduate students, majoring in exercise sports science. Frederick went on to work as an assistant strength coach at Texas Tech for ten years and attained his master’s in skeletal muscular development and sports management.  He eventually opened his own training studio, focusing on group training for both high school athletes and adults. His business grew quickly. Soon, he was training 66 individuals a week, providing workouts that progressed and adapted to ensure constant improvement. The studio thrived for seven years before Frederick decided to move to Granbury, where he and Mathis met up again. When Superior Fitness, a local gym with a dedicated member base came available, Frederick jumped on the opportunity.  

Advice to new owners on creating trust

Unless you start a gym from scratch, taking over another gym always comes with its challenges. Former clients often prefer the previous owners, trainers, look, and feel. It’s like stepping into another person’s life. The best way to succeed, the two partners found, was to do what they do best: give clients a great exercise experience and be themselves. 

“Don’t try to be like someone else. Be proud of what you do and stand by it. Say ‘I’m going to do me,’ and work hard at it. You will succeed. Got to have that fight mentality.”

Samuel Frederick, owner

To revitalize Superior Fitness, Frederick  and Mathis:

  • Brought in new equipment and repaired cardio machines.
  • Improved the gym’s cosmetics, providing a fresh feel and look.
  • Installed Gym Insight member management software to automate customer information and communication.
  • Fired up social media and messaging efforts. 
  • Offered free fitness assessment for new members.
  • Designed customer appreciation and engagement promotions.

What are Superior Fitness’ plans for the future?

As a (now) two-time business owner, Frederick regularly scouts new opportunities. Superior Fitness is already outgrowing its square-footage and nearing its original two-year membership goal. Yet, it goes against Frederick ’s beliefs to take on more clients than the facility can handle, or to privatize membership and raise rates.  

So, for now, he plans to stay on the lookout for the right property at the right price, taking a slow, strategic approach so that he does not overpay for land, or risk a destabilizing move. But, as Frederick  explains, he’s a big believer in God’s plan and is confident in his decision making. 

Until the right next step reveals itself, he’ll stay focused on his mission of educating individuals on a better way to exercise, stay in shape, and achieve a lifetime of healthy living.   

Gym Insight

Thank you for reading our latest company profile! Superior Fitness went from pen and papering their gym to now offering online membership signups, accessible via their website and social media pages. On property, clients can sign up for membership through Sales Guru©, a simple tablet-based system.  Additionally, they look forward to using the software’s comprehensive data tracking system to build promotional events celebrating their clientele’s unique achievements. As they told us in our podcast interview, Insight’s online signup system and automated customer management technology levels the field between them and their big box competitors. Call us today at 1-855-FOR-GYMS and see how easy and affordable it is to add gym management software to your facility!