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Read About Our Updated Task List Feature 

Recently, in response to customer requests, the software team at Gym Insight updated our tasks application. The newly redesigned Task List is robust and easy to use, resulting in increased employee initiative and fewer lost opportunities.

Here are five ways the Task List feature saves you money.

1.    Encourages employees to begin working before you arrive.

The truth is, many employees don’t start doing stuff until the owner walks through the door. To get them moving on time, our new “assign task” feature allows owners/managers to do just that — assign tasks. This way, when an employee signs in for the day, their task list is waiting. 

From restocking bathrooms to re-stacking weights, hourly employees need only check in with the Insight system to see what tasks lie ahead for them. Once completed, the employee checks the box and has the option to leave a note regarding that task. Kind of like a giant yellow sticky note, the assigned task increases productivity without ruffling feathers.

2.    It is easier to follow up with customers and guests.

The “assigned task” also aids in keeping track of informal guest interactions — which often can result in sales — if only someone remembered to check back with them! Now, when a member or guest mentions a need, a manager must only make a note in their account within Gym Insight and schedule a task. On the date it is to be remedied, the task shows up in the manager’s list.

For example, if a prospect deflects buying because they must wait until payday, the sales manager can set a task reminding an employee to call the person back on that day. Likewise, a personal trainer can reach out to a customer interested in one-on-one results after viewing the task request in the system. Managers can assign the task to an individual staffer or to no one, in which case the request will show up in everyone’s task list. 

3.    Automatically informs customers of upcoming renewals or card expirations.

Each gym runs on its own culture. Some gym owners believe in annual maintenance fees, other owners would never consider it. The same goes for membership auto-renewals. These types of details reflect an owner’s value system and define their relationship with members.

However, in addition to a strong gym culture,  it is just as important to successfully manage paperwork and payments. Otherwise, you won’t have a gym culture to worry about, because you’ll be out of business. 

That’s where the “automated tasks” list shines. In the Gym Insight automated task feature, owners are able to choose and apply various parameters within the task module. Collection of paperwork notices, expiring credit cards, terms and prepaids, delinquent accounts and SMS alerts/replies all are able to be added to the automated task rotation. 

This ‘automated tasks’ capability ensures vulnerable accounts are not lost in the blur of everyday busyness. 

For example, members are notified a month ahead of time if their credit card is expiring or if their six-month membership is coming to an end. 

Simultaneously, the system alerts the manager of this pending problem. He or she can choose to either contact the person on a certain day/time or place an alert on their account so the next time they visit, the front desk can update the expiring credit card or re-sign the six-month account. Sweeping up the cash that might otherwise have been lost to just a bit of forgetfulness! 

4.    Gives control to users and personal trainers.

The task list also encourages personal responsibility among employees and personal trainers. With the system, individual staffers (referred to as “users”) or PT’s can create and complete their own tasks. They can also complete both auto tasks and ones through SMS (messaging).

5.    Promotes good documentation – down to the text messages.

Within the automated text module is an “SMS Task” list. This list keeps a record of anyone who has replied to a text message. The final component of the task list is “completed tasks.” Sounds self-explanatory but, with a click of a button, an owner is able to review how a task was cared for when the details of the transaction are revealed. 

This modest feature effectively monitors employee responsibilities without establishing an atmosphere of overbearing oversight. 

Happy owners. Happy employees. Happy customers. That’s the goal of the task list. Let us know how it has worked for you. We’d love to hear from you.

“In the successful organization, no detail is too small to escape close attention.” Lou Holtz

Gym Insight

Thank you for reading our (admittedly self-promoting) blog on our newest update. We’re kind of proud of the tasks feature and feel it gives our gym owners a true advantage in running their companies. 

If you’re not familiar with Gym Insight, our gym management software is the easiest to use on the market and offers a flat monthly rate.  We never take a percentage of sales from payment systems, and we provide ongoing customer service to ensure you use our software to its best advantage. Call us today for a free demonstration on how we can lower your software management costs and free up more of your time and capital. Or tell us your perspective by becoming a guest on our “Gym Owner’s Podcast,” hosted by Anthony Pasquale, our #1 sales guy!