Give Yourself the Gift of Great Gym Software This Holiday!

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  • Give Yourself the Gift of Great Gym Software This Holiday!

Why Gym Insight is the right gym management software for your fitness center

Choosing the right gym management software for your fitness club is probably one of the hardest decisions you’ll make as an owner. Not only is it the track on which your gym runs, but if you need to switch software companies, transferring data can be brain-numbingly difficult. So you want to get it right, if not the first time, at least the second go-around. 

As a holiday gift to you and to us, we’d like to express why we believe Gym Insight is just the best possible gym software available on the market. 

We built the gym software that runs your business. 

Our founders created Insight software for their own gyms and then decided to market it after tweaking code for several years. Like a well-known billion dollar cell-phone manufacturer, we pride ourselves on seamless integration between services. Everything we offer – from cloud software, installed software, to hardware — works together perfectly because it is designed and managed by the same team. There are no third-party vendors to go out of business, or to argue with when something goes wrong. Our 24/7 Gym Insight door access systems work the first time, every time.

We constantly update our software

It is our passion to ensure this suite of products is always ready to run your fitness center better, more efficiently, and — most importantly — profitably. Our recently updated Task List feature can be set to automatically ping you daily with important reminders of delinquent accounts, expiring credit cards, ending pre-paid accounts, and more.

Gym Insight never stops working hard to make sure our gym management software is always the best on market.

Our customer service is unparalleled.

Just check out our lengthy testimonials. Sure, these are our customers, so they’re going to write nice things about us. But read what they say. “(Anthony) promptly returned all of my calls (within 3 minutes),” Body Evolution. “He held my hand step by step,” Hancock Fitness & Tanning, Lewisport, Kentucky. “I’ve never worked with a company that answers my calls, texts, or emails so promptly or pleasantly,” Firehall Fitness Center, Livingston, Montana. 

Software product assistance and training is free

Sounds obvious, doesn’t it? I mean, who has to pay their software provider to train them on their own product? Well, believe it or not, major players in the fitness management software industry charge for consultations – every time you encounter a roadblock, you hire a company trainer. Not with Gym Insight. We provide free, intensive, one-on-one webinar training sessions – as often as you need until your business is up and running. Then, if you have a question or concern, just give us a call. We’ll go over it with you. Growing rapidly? We offer fixed-priced, complete staff training so you’re free to run operations. 

We use a flat monthly rate model based on membership growth

This is almost revolutionary, if we might toot our own horn. Behind many flashy, highly marketed gym software companies is an old-fashioned payment processing firm – and they want a percentage of every sale. In many cases, their software is so invasive, it’s difficult for an owner to determine monthly profits. These gym owners essentially concede control of sales to the merchant provider.  At Gym Insight, we charge your members through a payment gateway – we never have access to your money or your bank accounts. You pay only a single, per-month fee to us to access gym management software. Easy to budget. Easy to understand. All we want is for you to succeed. 

Gym Insight makes running a gym easier.

Too many gym owners feel handcuffed to their businesses, afraid to take a vacation for fear a door access system will go out. Concerned about month-to-month sales projections, as their data lacks transparency. Unable to turn sales over to the staff because there’s no streamlined method to presenting products and services.

Gym Insight frees you from those worries. Its intuitive design and integrated systems, such as the digital keytags, take the worry out of running a gym. It makes a hard job a little easier. Take a look today and give yourself the gift of peace of mind. 

Gym Insight

At Gym Insight, our gym membership software provides a clear, transparent picture into your company’s financials, and offers a platform from which to run your business effectively. Our software is built in-house, by fitness club owners. There are no cumbersome third-party plug-ins or complicated protocols, and it’s available for a single, low monthly subscription price — no hidden fees, no links to your payment processor. Call us today for a free demonstration on how we can lower your software management costs and free up time and capital.