Hey Gym Owners, Having Trouble Finding Content for Your Social Media Sites?

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  • Hey Gym Owners, Having Trouble Finding Content for Your Social Media Sites?

Read on for six simple and easy promos.

1. Spin & Win

These table top spinners turn an everyday contest into a Wow! adventure. Pair it with video and the spinning wheel pulls in viewers on social media. In fact, the spinner can become a promotion all on its’ own. Consider inviting members to spin the wheel and win a free month, a club tee shirt, a family membership, or a gallon of gas. Then, post their happy responses with a call out for guest to come in and try their luck. With a little creativity, this promotional prop can spin a quiet month into a busy quarter.

Ask your members to spin the wheel and win! You’ll create video and photos for social media and they’ll go home with something to brag about.

2. Weight Loss Challenges

Always a gym staple, this oldie-but-goodie generates interest as well as awesome before and after photos! Chris Giumarra of Rosamond Health & Fitness in Rosamond, California recently told us about his challenge, which starts in March and runs through April. The objective for contestants, of course, is to look great for bathing suit weather. But realistically, any time of year works as looking our best is always a priority.

Here’s some basic steps to running a weight loss challenge:

  1. Invite members and nonmembers
  2. Weigh in the contestant
  3. Take before and after photos.

For Giumarra, a weight loss promotion is a winner because it stimulates interest in the gym with existing members as well as generates photos for social media. Although the gym industry has a reputation for turning and churning numbers, realistically, smaller gyms can’t get away with that technique. Private gyms need “lifers,” as Giumarra calls them. Individuals who are loyal to your club and attend classes or exercise regularly. 

Additionally, this race to the bottom of the scale pushes up interest in personal training — a lucrative service for any health club. Last weight loss challenge, Giumarra posted more than seven before and after photos.

Weight loss promotion
A weight loss challenge is a common but very effective way to build interest and excitement among gym members. Plus, you end up with plenty of amazing before and after photos for social media posts!

3. Link a raffle to holiday or national events.

Robert and Linda Logan owners of Core Fitness, LLC in Alabama bought a big screen TV and raffled it off for Super Bowl last year. They launched the promotion to generate referrals. Members liked it so much, they’ve repeated it twice. Each raffle zeroes in on a holiday or national event — Memorial Day, and the start of college football season both included big ticket wins. 

After the Super Bowl give-a-way, the Logans expanded their promotion to social media platforms. This included more than just video. Instead, they added the referral program to their Facebook pages. Members were urged to “Like” Core Fitness’ Facebook page and refer a friend. Then, both member and friend were entered into the drawing. As an added bonus, the member could refer an unlimited number of friends! 

In their most recent campaign, they encouraged customers to write Google referral for the chance to win an even bigger, big-screen TV! 

The idea worked like a charm, the Logans said. Clients wrote paragraphs of good reviews and their Google page swelled with positive words. Read this post for details on their referral program. 

4. #Remembertopost #gympics

Here’s a simple and easy idea – post stickies throughout your gym reminding customers to tag your gym name in their social media video or photo. Snapchat offers geotag filters – add the filter tag to the sign for instant location notoriety! Nothing like a “hey, remember us,” to generate secondary social media content that works as hard for your health club as you do. 

5. Invite an expert to your club

We still love INR contact – and that includes meeting the best of the best in person. Search through your contact list and find individuals who can teach and inspire. Promote their visit and watch content opportunities explode. We just refreshed an older blog on this subject – take a look. 

6. Join our Podcast! 

Did you know we host the “Gym Owners Podcast”? These discussions feature gym owners just like you discussing the challenges and ideas that make this industry so compelling and exciting. What can you teach other owners? We’d like to know. Contact us today for a chance to chat with our host Anthony Pasquale.  

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