The Gym Owner’s Podcast by Gym Insight — Where We Ask You What’s Going on in Fitness.

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  • The Gym Owner’s Podcast by Gym Insight — Where We Ask You What’s Going on in Fitness.

Gym Insight’s management team has always been laser-focused on the success of its gym owners. That’s why we started The Gym Owner’s Podcast on YouTube five years ago. We created the original podcast to provide our customers with easy access to software training videos.

Yet, at the start of the pandemic in 2020, we decided to ramp up our content. Turns out, our amazing sales guy Anthony Pasquale enjoys chatting with customers – he loves talking shop with you guys. 

What can one business owner teach another? 

As a former gym owner himself, Anthony wondered: What’s going on in the fitness world today? How can we help you navigate the Covid shutdown? How can gym owners make more money; work fewer hours; create a more resilient business? What are gym owners doing right? What challenges are driving them crazy? 

Today, The Gym Owner’s Podcast provides much more than just software tutorials. It’s grown and evolved into comfortable conversations between business owners. Each podcast is published in full on our YouTube channel. Then we edit its primary content and offer short, easily digestible, topic-specific snippets. 

Discover other gym owners’ secrets to success. 

The Gym Owner’s Podcast subject matter is all about the business of running a gym — issues important to privately owned fitness studios and health centers. For example, in Jalal Gym Owner’s Podcast, Tampa Muay Thai owner Jalal Khatib discusses customer relations when charging a high-dollar monthly fee.

Devan Dickerson, owner of Lighthouse Gym in Raleigh, Mississippi, came on board with Gym Insight prior to opening his first gym. In his podcast, he described how a very effective presale strategy may have saved his business after an unexpected expense. Other customers have shared what it is like to open multiple locations, expand business models — even recovering from critical mistakes. We hope through our podcasts, you’ll discover a treasure trove of new best practices: customer retention, member sales tactics, budgeting strategies and, most importantly, better ways to survive and thrive in this tough and changing industry

Our podcast team wants to hear from you.

There’s always more to be said. Gym owners possess interesting, compelling insights and experiences that are truly useful. Take a look at our YouTube channel and browse our stories. Or, call us up and tell us yours. We’d love to discuss the business of fitness with you, on-air or off. We know gym management software. You know fitness. Let’s share our common passion and help others succeed. 

Gym Insight 

At Gym Insight, our gym membership software provides a clear, transparent picture into your company’s financials, and offers a platform from which to run your business effectively. Our software is built in-house, by fitness club owners. There are no cumbersome third-party plug-ins or complicated protocols, and it’s available for a single, low monthly subscription price — no hidden fees, no links to your payment processor. Call us today for a free demonstration on how we can lower your software management costs and free up time and capital.