Gym Business Promotional Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day

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  • Gym Business Promotional Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day can be a great time to promote your gym. With all the parades and green talk, you too can join in and at the same time promote your gym. With all the dancing, sporting activities and food, you have great opportunities if you are looking at things from the right perspective. It is also a nice way to participate in your community’s celebration and attract potential local customers. Below are some ideas through which your gym can leave a lasting impression on your community this St. Patrick’s Day.

Irish Dance Workout

Irish dances are a great way to strengthen the legs. With all the jumping and tapping, this dance is also an effective aerobic activity. The good that Irish dancing does to the legs is evident by the beautiful legs that Irish dancers possess. Also, with all the parades on the streets, a lot of people would look forward to learn Irish dance moves to be a part of all the fun and your gym must cash in on this opportunity.

March In The ParadeIrish hat and clovers

Your gym could team up with a local college or civic group and participate in the parade. You can also have your members and trainers join in. This could be a great opportunity for your team to flaunt their bodies in the parade. You could also have someone wear a leprechaun costume and have your gym’s name written over it. Moreover, the parade might just turn out to be a short marathon in itself. Announce your gym’s intention to participate in the parade well in advance and create a wave of enthusiasm about it.


The color green is an integral part of St. Patrick’s Day and what better way to highlight this than a gardening activity. Your gym can organize a gardening activity on St. Patrick’s Day. On doing this, you also send out a strong message about clean living along with the need to be fit by working out. You could even offer the participants a green smoothie at the end of the activity. Just be innovative and have a blend of plain yogurt, bananas, peaches and a bit of spinach, and you could be sending out a message on healthy eating too.

Make Your Gym Green

The awareness about going green usually peaks around St. Patrick’s Day. If your gym can afford to invest a little to go green leading to St. Patrick’s Day, you can really widen your member base along with cutting down your overheads. You could modify your cardio equipments to generate power, which can light up your gym. Or, if you are still using pen and paper to generate your own billing, you can get Insight’s Payment Processing Application, which you are also helping to prevent unneeded greenhouse gasses, and reducing the waist of excess paper of billing and coupon invoices. You could even pass this cost benefit on to your members by reducing their membership fees.

Get Your Members To Go Outside and Go Green

You could give your treadmills some rest and have your members jog outside the gym or participate in a Green Bootcamp for a few days leading up to St. Patrick’s Day. While this can be a fun activity for your members, you are also sure to attract good attention for your gym. Gifting your clients T-shirts with your logo and name printed on them can also add to the publicity that your gym receives.

Organize a Rugby Match

Rugby is big during St. Patrick’s Day. If you have a chain of gyms, you could have members come together for a friendly rugby game. All the support that each team gets and the fun that follows it can be a great promotional activity. You can also give the gym members placards that indicate their support. Such activities actually promote member loyalty to your gym and your member retention rate is likely to shoot up.

Green Tech

Use your website to promote the activities that you intend to have on St. Patrick’s Day. Send out promotional emails and offers that you might want to present and make this St. Patrick’s Day a huge promotional event.

What promotion is your Fitness Business going to use for this St. Patrick’s Day?

We are interested in what promotions you used for St. Patrick’s Day and how well it worked. Just post a comment and fill us in!