Part III: Which is better…Gym Members Preference?

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  • Part III: Which is better…Gym Members Preference?

Do Gym Members Have a Preference When It Comes to Personal Trainers?

Most gyms today offer some form of personal trainer. What some members may not realize is that gym owners have a choice as to whether they hire their personal trainers or use independent contractors to provide this service to their clients. In order to make the right decision, most gym owners want to at least acknowledge their members’ feelings with regard to which type of personal trainer they would prefer to use. The question is not only one that must cover the preference of the gym owner, but of the clientele, which in the end is possibly the most important number of all.

A Level Playing Field

What needs to be looked at in this situation is whether one type of personal trainer offers advantages that the other does not. In the end this is what will make the difference as to whether gym members prefer to have access to employee type trainers or independent contractors. Start out on a level playing field by safely assuming that most; if not all personal trainers have essentially the same education and training, albeit from different universities or training schools.

With an employee trainer, clients are going to know that each time they come into the gym; the same trainers are goipersonal trainerng to be available. This holds true in most cases as once a personal trainer hires on, they tend to stay put for the long haul, unless they are mistreated. From the members’ point of view, this means continuity of services and training styles as they are most likely following an established routine that has been set up by the gym.

At the same time, if for any reason their normal trainer is on holiday or sick leave, there is another member of the team ready to step in. This new trainer will at the very least be familiar with the standard training program and be ready to keep it going. Add to this the fact that if a member is not comfortable with one trainer, there is usually another on the team that will be a much better fit.

The Case for Independence

With an independent trainer, members often have no choice in trainers other than to move on to another gym if that is their priority. However, the independent has more flexibility in the types of training he can offer, the hours he is available and can establish his own rates. While this might seem more like the ideal situation for some members, there may not be a true defining preference among all gym members. One may logically conclude, however, that as long as the trainer is professional, reliable, and truly has his clients’ best interest at heart, gym members would not care how their trainers are being paid for their job.


As a gym member, do you have a preference?

As a gym member, can you tell whether or not your personal trainer is an employee or an independent contractor? How? Did this matter at all?