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  • Competitive Advantage of Gym Management Software

Although this article is a little more dry and technical than the previous ones, it gives a little bit more background as to why Insight into your fitness business, is so important to compete in this day and age. I hope you enjoy the guest post by Jhilmil P.

A little bit of history:
It appears as though the gym management system was first coined in the 1980’s by chief executive officer Mark Mastrov of 24- Hour Fitness. Mastrov’s movement incorporated a gym software system with payment processing into a 24 hour member accessable gym. (Success, 2012). Thereafter, gym management software (“GMS”) was first implemented by the health clubs and fitness centres to enhance their reputation and portfolio in the market. GMS also helped to augment the level of member gratification, by presenting efficient value-added services. As a result, it helped amplify member ranges, by enhancing its total revenue and uniqueness in the market among other factors (Bates, 2008).

What is a GMS?
GMS is a complete application management system, mainly useful in case of health and fitness gyms. It helps to improve the controlling powers and administration of a specific health club. Additionally, if utilized, it can include a diverse set of plans and policies for the advancement of the gym, which is extremely indispensable to sustain in this aggressive market. As a result, the reliability and soundness within the minds of the members increase, which can act as one of the striking featuresbusiness man levitating for the gym’s confidence in this over saturated market. Due to these dynamics, the fascination of this software has boosted with remarkable leaps and bounds (Bates, 2008).

What good does it do?
A good comprehensive GMS system can include techniques and tasks to guide in managing your fitness business effectively and efficiently. It can offer complete support and assistance, improving member retention and thus, overall, future brand image. Moreover, as it can implement membership management, member tracking, personal trainer administration, and check-in security systems along with detailed up to date description about your business’ daily financials and statistics. A good GMS system can truly bring insight to the owners and operators in the fitness gym industry.

Why should all fitness facilities consider having a GMS?
The demand of GMS also improved as, it is a key factor in boosting the rate of market competitiveness. Therefore, in a single statement, it can be depicted that GMS also helped to augment the total sales of the gym organization, while keeping the amount of expenditures in a stable position. With these aspects in mind, most of the gym owners, desire to implement this system to intensify its distinctiveness and market share among the other established competitors. It is also regarded as a way to retain the loyal members. So, essentially, GMS generated a niche market for itself by and is now a well-known place within the hearts of the entrepreneurs, irrespective of sizes (Bates, 2008).

Why is implementing a GMS important now?
In recent epoch, GMS is regarded as one of the most vital requirement of the fitness gyms and health clubs industry. A comprehensive and reliable GMS is a core stabilizer in the gym business. With its utilization, one can very easily know how to improve the entire scenario of a fitness club. Due to such reasons, the demands of these fitness clubs are increasing at a remarkable speed, all-round the world. (Bates, 2008).


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Written by Jhilmil P. 12/30/2012