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I know maintenance isn’t exactly the most exciting topic to discuss in the world of fitness gyms; in fact it can be straight up DULL. Cleaning is the same boring subject and definitely not sexy, but as previously discussed in the "Keeping Your Business Clean," blog post, I feel that it is equally as important as maintaining your gym equipment. So to spice it up a little, let’s think about it this way… every person involved with the fitness center industry is affected by maintenance!


Members want gym equipment that works.

Gym managers always have to keep an eye out for breaking equipment and should be implementing preventative measures to keep equipment in good working order.

And gym owners are replacing equipment and are always worried about liability issues.

Members and Maintenance

out of orderEvery member that goes to a gym uses gym equipment. Whether this equipment is a cardio machine, lifting machine, barbell, simple yoga mat or even the mirror; everything in the gym is equipment! If members did not have to use equipment to work out, there would be no point (other than camaraderie and accountability) to joining a gym. I can only imagine the frustration of having a particular workout planned for the day, getting to the gym, and the equipment needed to fulfill the workout plan has an "out of order" sign posted to it. There must be an even greater frustration involved (maybe even anger too) when a member gets to a particular piece of machine or equipment, attempts to use it, and ultimately finds out -after time tinkering with and/or after seeking out a manager – that the equipment does not work! So at the very basic analysis, a gym’s primary purpose is to supply their members gym equipment that works!

Gym Employees and Maintenance

Gym employees are affected by maintenance because that is part of their job description and they should always be on high alert! Employees should have daily inspection sheets and log details of equipment’s working order. The most important resource is the gym members as they are ones on the front line. Employees should ask, listen, and keep a detailed record of equipment and maintenance issues. After an issue is brought to their attention, employees must immediately write it down, then act by posting the necessary notices, and ordering equipment parts, etc..! Gyms must make maintenance a top priority not only for their members’ safety but also for their own liability protection.

Gym Owners and Maintenance

Gym owners are affected two-fold, legal liability issues and financial costs. To prepare for the worst, legally speaking, it is always best to document EVERYTHING, including all preventative maintenance done to equipment and the steps taken after equipment is no longer in working order. Have all this recorded in one place (like a log book) and include receipts of equipment parts and pictures. Make the notice signs conspicuous and if necessary remove any potentially dangerous equipment from the gym floor! I know I might be sounding extreme, but a little of extra time now can save you a lot of time and money in court later. Make this log book a priority and enforce it with your employees! Additionally, most major gyms budget yearly and in advance for these high cost business expense by including a maintenance fee within the membership contract and detailing what the fee will be used for to the members. Gym owners can reassure their members that these fees are being used appropriately by posting news to their social media pages or other announcement forums as to how these additional fees are being used.