#GymInsight Invites You to Follow Our Social Media Pages! 

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  • #GymInsight Invites You to Follow Our Social Media Pages! 

#GymInsight: Flexing muscle in an industry growing as fast as the Internet.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube

Why go social now?

Over the past 13 years, our company has grown from two gym owners-turned-software-developers into a buzzing hive of professionals, each offering talents that enlarge and improve our software’s capabilities. 

At Gym Insight we created our gym management software to improve how fitness businesses were run. From converting “pen and paper” gyms, to competing against the world’s largest software management companies, Gym Insight has charged forward on a relentless path of improvement. 

Through reputation, word-of-mouth, advertising, and now social media, our easy-to-use, affordable gym management software continues to expand its customer reach.

Launching a new way to engage with Gym Insight

This spring, we embarked on a new adventure — launching our social media presence across multiple channels. Clients, visitors, and gym-owner-dreamers can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

As many of our customers have experienced, Gym Insight’s commitment is nothing less than one hundred percent: to our subscribers, to our product, to our company. That extends to social media. We’ve hired a super-charged social media expert to bring you a dynamic mix of information we believe will both inform and entertain you. 

Although our YouTube presence has been active for several years now through the Gym Owner’s Podcast, we’ve recently engaged the skills of our video specialist and social media director to refine both our channel’s look and promotions. Steven Cole recasts the style of our videos and rebuilds them into bite-sized informative shorts. Marjorie intertwines the shorts with a well-developed social media campaign, extending their exposure and impact.

Marjorie’s creative eye combined with an accountant’s sense of organization is an unbeatable combination. She’s designed a solid campaign that interlinks product information with social media best practices, inspirational moments, and customer interactions. Like every other product or service Gym Insight puts its name to, our social media is well-thought-out and fully supported by management. We hope it does not disappoint.

How our social media launch can help your company

  1. Provides an easy way to communicate with us.
  2. Allows us to respond quickly to your requests or thoughts.
  3. Offers a valuable tool for making informed purchasing decisions and staying up-to-date with the latest news and trends. 

What you can expect to see in our social media

  • Eye-catching visuals, entertaining videos, and inspirational content
  • Relevant training on using our product and promoting your company
  • Educational and informative customer discussions and blog posts

What we ask of you

Give our social media a shot! Engage with us across Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Watch for future movement into other social media platforms. Share your own thoughts using relevant hashtags and tags when posting your own content to increase visibility and reach for both us. 

Indeed, Marjorie is reviewing your responses every day. If there is another platform you’re following, let us know. We learn from our customers in every aspect of our company and this is no different. 

Like everything Gym Insight does as a company, we put this in place to provide a better product for our customers. Your support and involvement are valued and encouraged! 

Happy social media scrolling!!!

Gym Insight

We offer an innovative, easy-to-use gym management software that won’t break your budget! Subscription-based pricing keeps costs under control while our tablet-based sales tools, member management services, innovative access control systems, and club management systems all work together seamlessly to ensure your business runs efficiently and robustly. For more information on our comprehensive suite of products and services, contact us at 855-FOR-GYMS and ask for either Anthony or Natalia. Our super-powered sales team is here to answer your every question.