How to Grow Your Gym by Teaming Up with Weight-Loss Experts

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  • How to Grow Your Gym by Teaming Up with Weight-Loss Experts

If building your dream fitness center includes offering members a wealth of services beyond free weights, then it might be time to consider partnerships. Health One is an on-site, national weight-loss program that combines in-person support with prepared, nutritionally appropriate meals. In future blogs we will profile other companies whose services and expertise compliment and support growing gyms. But for now read on to discover how you can incorporate a formal weight-loss program into your gym.

Health One

Weight-loss programs tend to get a bad rap when they include prepared meals. It can seem as if the marketing emphasis shifts from a program of success to a product-based one. The consumer is encouraged to believe the meal replacements — not their own behaviors — create the change.

Yet, we all know losing weight and keeping it off takes a series of personal commitments, nutritional education, and community support — none of which can be found in a sealed container. Health One believes its approach to weight loss combines all these critical elements into a one customizable program that can easily be integrated into a fitness center’s line of services.

Health One began in 1994 as a comprehensive weight-loss company serving healthcare providers. It has expanded its reach to gyms and fitness centers as it promotes a method to teach individuals how to develop healthy eating habits. This group-based program creates a support-system for members ready to lose weight and recondition their bodies.

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Health One services to health centers 

This California-based company provides a collaborative approach to their weight-loss programs. Gyms receive all the curriculum and marketing materials, training, and support they need to run six-month weight-loss programs for their clients. According to Raina Childers-Richmond, director of partner success and Registered Dietitian, Health One typically goes into a facility and trains their team on the program. These include adult, adolescent, presurgical, and lifestyle maintenance initiatives. 

The meetings can be run in a classroom or virtually, but the collaboration is where the magic takes place. The core curriculum is six months long, but typically continues for a full year. During this year, clients receive coaching, group support, education, and a tailored program to fit their lifestyle. Supplementing all this is a scientifically designed meal-replacement component created to jump-start the client’s weight loss. 

Highly tailored, the curriculum attempts to tailor coaching to individual members. For example, if your member is an over-the-road truck driver with four kids, the quest becomes assisting him or her in making the changes that will stick for the long-term. 

Isn’t this just about selling meals?

From Childers-Richmond’s perspective, it is not. “There is good science behind structuring meal plans and limiting choices,” she explains. Yet, the biggest reasons meal replacements are an important part of a weight-loss regime is they create easy, early change. Members experience success quickly. That inspires and drives future willingness to do the harder things. 

How about costs?

Health One charges a flat licensure fee of $2,500 with a yearly follow-up fee of $500.  Gyms are not required to name Health One in their programming. Instead, the company offers assistance from the wings. Meal replacements are sold at wholesale cost to the gyms. The company provides consulting services to help each partner determine the correct retail pricing for their programs and products. 

One of the smaller companies in the industry, Health One prides itself on a responsive, retail mindset, sharing data and best practices with their facilities in a continual attempt to create the best learning and behavioral change experience for members. 

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