This Summer, Market Gyms to College Kids

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  • This Summer, Market Gyms to College Kids

Did you know most universities cancelled spring break for 2021?  These students will return home for summer after two full semesters of taking online classes, alone with their computers. Wow. What a drag.

As a gym owner, summer 2021 may be your best chance yet to reach these sedentary, cooped-up college kids. Take advantage of quarantine fatigue by creating marketing strategies designed to get them in shape and around friends again. 

College students love socializing 

Build a summer promotion encouraging referrals. Meeting with friends is one of the top reasons college students even go to the gym.  This translates into an excellent opportunity for current members to earn rewards simply by encouraging old high-school buddies to join their favorite gym. Consider awarding points towards a free month, a free perk, or a free personal training session. 

Remember, college students need cheap, cheap, cheap!

  • Have them show a student ID for a sweet summer rate.
  • Offer a coupon for a free class, event or day at the club. Bring them in for a high-energy workout,  keep the monthly rate low, and you’ve snagged a new customer.
  • BOGO — Who can resist a “buy one, get one,” even if it’s only for a few months?

Target athletes.

Not every athlete home for summer has access to a multi-million-dollar athletic department. Often, serious college athletes who play through intramural teams, regional competitions, or within smaller departments need conditioning over the summer. This year in particular, these young adults are at a disadvantage after such a sedentary year.

If your personal training team specializes in student athletes or is professionally certified and appropriately trained, this is a great time to promote their specialties. One word of caution — consider requiring clients provide a physician’s clearance before adopting accelerated training routines. 

Wait, what about the parents?

Although not all college students join their parents’ gym, it’s a terrific way to increase membership. Let gym members know now their sons and daughters are welcome for the summer. A simple upcharge and they’re in. Or, make it more interesting:

  1. Offer packaged pricing curated for college students.
  2. Design a competition with a local business. For example, take 15 classes and you’re entered to win a weekend at the beach, compliments of XYZ company. 
  3. Give mom or dad a perk for signing up their little lovey. Perhaps discounted merchandise, free smoothies, or a reduced-price service?
  4. Advertise how a little extra exercise improves grades and establishes a lifetime of good habits. Research shows that exercise routines initiated in college follow students throughout life. 

Give them a break. It’s been a hard year for college students.

Take it from a mother of a college student: 2020 stunk for university kids. Let 2021 be the summer reboot we all need to move forward, get back in shape, and hang with the buds again at the gym. By targeting this beleaguered demographic, you’ll boost sales and morale. 

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