Part V: Which is better…Personal Trainers & Turnover

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  • Part V: Which is better…Personal Trainers & Turnover

The Typical Turnover Rate for Personal Trainers

One of the biggest problems facing a gym owner or manager is that of finding and keeping a team of top notch personal trainers on board. Gym members expect to have access to personal trainers as part of the membership package and in most cases are willing to spend a fair amount of money to pay for training. The hard part is that while thousands of men and women attend school and become certified personal trainers each year, the turnover rate for this career field runs between 80 and 90% on average.

Why Such a High Turnover Rate?

When you look at such a high turnover rate, it can make the average gym owner wonder why the rate is so high and what, if anything can be done about it. There are many factors associated with why so many people becomegym person flexing personal trainers; this particular career field has become one of the most popular for those seeking to make a major career change. They take the required courses, obtain certification and either find a job or open up their own shop.

For many the idea of becoming a personal trainer spawns from their passion for physical fitness and feel that they have what it takes to pass this passion on to others. However well intended, this passion is nothing more than the barest of minimal requirements and if this is all that truly motivated them to pursue this career, they will not last long.

Getting Up Early – Working Late

This particular career field means getting up early every day, working long hours for what can often be described as a moderate pay at best. In general those who find hourly employment in a gym tend to end up better off as they earn a pay check each week. Those who work for themselves out of gym pay a commission or fee to the gym for the privilege of using the facilities.

The end result is that the turnover rates tend to be high as many will find that despite the fact they saw being a personal trainer as the ideal career, it turns out to be far more work for less money than they thought. Some will go on to other careers, many will move around in search of higher pay such as providing personal fitness training in the corporate world. The turnover rates pose a problem for gym owners in as much as this can create a concern over continuity among their clients.

Brainstorm a Solution!

How can gym owners, operators, and managers work on solving this high turnover rate?


Jared Broughton
October 26, 2015

That was one of the most conceive well-written articles I’ve ever read. It is definitely a big problem, and generally isn’t happy butterflies and dancing flower field once in it. From the outside or a general outside it seems very financially rewarding. It’s a very brutal field to survive in. I can say from personal experience as I am a Personal Trainer myself. I’ve been doing it the side and been looking for work externally to establish a consistent income.
I’ve heard that some people have the nack for sales and be very successful with very little education. While others will never reach that pinnacle no matter how motivated one is. It comes down to a self-discovery factor.

Lawrence Fagan
April 2, 2014

Thank you! Let me know if you have any topics that you would like to see discussed here.

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