Love Among the Cardio Machines

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  • Love Among the Cardio Machines

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, literally, I felt compelled to at least throw out one post regarding gym promotional ideas geared to those who recognize this day. Let’s face it, the gym is not exactly a hot commodity on Valentine’s Day. That said, a lot of men may secretly resent having to disrupt their regular fitness routine in favor of movies or other romantic holiday activities. There may be a way to cure both parties desires. Lure in the fitness buff and their special someone into your fitness center this Valentine’s Day by offering special couples classes that they can partake in together.

Working out together can be a very intimate experience, strengthening romantic bonds and overall good endorphins make everyone happy. Not to mention, your Valentine will thank you the day after for not fattening her up with all that chocolate and movie theater popcorn! Here are some great ideas for couple’s fitness classes:

  • Salsa dance class. What could be more invigorating than hot Latin dance moves, powerful percussive music aheart running on treadmillnd red-hot Valentine’s Day lighting?
  • Partner yoga. This is a great way to stretch, relax and connect with someone on a very basic, non-verbal level.
  • Couples spinning class, for couples who like to get competitive, get hot and get sweaty together.
  • Couples strength training. This is a clever way to get her involved with your regular strength training routine, and show off your muscles at the same time.
  • Assisted stretching is yet another great way to communicate and interact, while improving flexibility and loosening up muscles at the same time – great for before or after a strength-training workout.

Any of these classes can be taken before or after a regular workout, giving serious fitness buffs a chance to get in their normal gym time while she relaxes in the sauna or swims a few laps in the pool. If your regular fitness trainers aren’t up to the challenge, consider bringing in a specialist for the day.

Offering couples classes, for Valentine’s Day and even during the rest of the year, is a great way to not only bring more business to your gym on days when it might otherwise be slow, but also to encourage couples to work out together. Not all couples are compatible when it comes to exercise regimens; there’s often one member who isn’t quite so enthusiastic.

By offering couples’ classes, you not only attract and keep the membership of the avid fitness buff, but his or her special someone as well. Exercising together is a great tool for a relationship, building communication skills, intimacy and an appreciation for each others’ health through fitness.

One more key point that I may throw out there! HINT: for those of you reading this post AND have a loved one who is expecting something from you on this romantic holiday (whether it be recognition through cards, flowers, candy gym membership, etc…) beware that Valentine’s Day falls on this Thursday, February 14th.

Go and get fit together!!