How Club Management Software Can Raise Your Small Gym Business ROI

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  • How Club Management Software Can Raise Your Small Gym Business ROI

The Digital Age gives small gym business owners real choices for club management software. Now, everyone can have enterprise-grade options for information technology. That means that what was once the exclusive privilege of the big box fitness brands is out there for you in one form or another.

Fitness entrepreneurs still have the temptation to collect different capabilities piecemeal, but that leads to much less useful results in the long run. That is why you should start as you mean to go on and invest in dedicated club management software.

Liberation And Efficiency Through Automation

So, what is ROI? And why is raising it considered a good thing? Well, the name behind the acronym makes it much more clear. Growing your Return on Investment is good because it means that, for every dollar, you put in you get more dollars out. Even using the most generic software tools will work better than pencil and paper.

Spending less time on paperwork and having deeper insights into the operations of your small gym business. You can increase your efficiency and help you focus on serving your members, and keep a lookout for opportunities.

Leverage Your Information By Integrating Your Data

A database, an address book application, and a subscription to an online accounting package will help you accomplish more than college rule notebooks and double entry ledgers. Not the least of which is protecting your information when your paperwork goes up in smoke.

Spreadsheets are amazing; they are as flexible and open as your imagination, which can lead to hours lost attempting to tease out data if that fascinates you, or mind-numbing boredom if it doesn’t.

Club Memberships Relationship Management

CRM packages are configured to serve sales for B2B businesses by default and don’t really help manage memberships in consumer-oriented service industries, i.e., they’re not optimized for club-oriented consumer industries like fitness.

It’s true that you can put your members into sales-oriented customer management software applications without too much of an investment. The shortcomings are that, by shoehorning general-purpose apps into service for such a specialized profession as fitness, you lose much of the benefits of an integrated club management software system.

Learnings Tutorials And Help When You Need It

Finally, unless you’re a computer science expert, you’ll find that getting data from one application to another and looking at the big picture is pretty much out of the question. Dedicated fitness club management software gives you the leverage to get past all of this.

A dedicated gym management package puts your time back into the business, not on figuring out what’s going on. As a gym business owner, you need your information system to simplify the daily operation and facilitate more insightful oversight.

Your Club Management Software Package for Gym Insight comes with supporting documentation and examples of how to make it work for your club or studio. Tutorials help you get up to speed quickly and master all of the essential functions of the package. You get all of the knowledge to get set up and to extend access to your staff, so they don’t call you on your first day off in a month.

Insights Come From Reports

The real advantage to a dedicated package is the ability to transfer information between different sections of the system. You can attempt to make your spreadsheets and accounting software work together, but they’ll soak up all of your time and energy. Anything more sophisticated will require you to write programming scripts and connect to APIs to integrate your software.

Club management software is customer relationship management to manage clubs and memberships. Gym management apps have integrated the various information sources for you already. Pull reports quickly to find out what you need to keep your club growing and thriving.

Whether it’s your staff asking about their commissions, predicting cancellations so you can take preventative action, chasing down payments or something else, you’re much more likely to get critical information quickly with preformatted reports from an industry optimized suite of software.

Tune Your Team To Work As One

Dedicated management software gets your team all on the same spreadsheet, so-to-speak. Train your team on a standard system that you can reproduce results in new locations. Back on the theme of leverage, Gym Insight was designed to leverage your team. In fact, one of the first objectives we had was to develop software to manage fitness clubs remotely.

This capability means you can run a gym single-handedly or with a crew that works the busy times. When those members who want access anytime can come in at three AM and workout, and they can be unsupervised but monitored from a distance, it takes the pressure off you; it turns your staff into a fully rounded team.


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