7 Different Fitness Club Regimens To Attract New Memberships

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  • 7 Different Fitness Club Regimens To Attract New Memberships

Every once in a while I like to put out a few ideas for owners on the Gym Insight Blog. This time I have a few points about how to raise the profile and profitability of your small gym business. When you’ve scrambled to launch and run your business, you deserve to get the most fruit in return for your many labors.

You probably started out with too few resources, ate your own dog food as they say, and slept in the back office once or twice. Why not seek out opportunities to multiply your returns with a little more efforts and lots of creativity?

1. Bring In The Equipment

Start a class with a haul of new equipment if you can get it. Either buy it used or lease gym equipment to offload some of the capital investment costs that come with new fitness center capabilities.

New gear on the studio floor is sure to bring in curious new prospects. Keep an eye on what deals on gym equipment are available and then figure out what activities and features you could add that justify the purchase.

Try building a theme around the equipment. If you can provide the buzz, there’s always a way to get the right equipment. Give your membership a story of why you’re adding it so that it’s a natural extension of your existing operations.

2. Invite Guest Professionals To Share In Your Space

Perhaps you have a studio or an open floor, boxing rings, or swimming pools. Can you find some activity leaders that will bring new people into your fitness center? You can gain some income from classes and then membership fees when they sign up for your offerings.

Collaborate with a yoga instructor; if you are a yoga instructor, collaborate with a different professional. The point is to use your space for a more diverse range of activities and get more out of it. Bring in a diet and nutrition consulting services for your membership.

3. Host Events With Meetup.com

Feel like collaborating with outsiders but holding off on the long-term commitment? You can join a meetup group online with Meetup.com and offer to host an event once you’ve found a suitable group. Fitness meetups or other activities that align with your mission are a way to bring in curious outsiders.

4. Bring In Strangers And Gather Some Data

If you want to expand the regimen you offer at your fitness center, one critical factor must be to ensure that any projects you try will be conducive to adding new memberships for your club.

Outside guest trainers and activities should be limited to exclude the features you can sell as part of a full membership. Also, as part of the arrangement, make sure that the guest’s clients become part of your mailing list and opt-in as part of the registration.

5. Cut It In Half And Double It With Thirty Minute Sessions

Quick and intense group and individual sessions are in at the moment, and that makes perfect sense. People don’t have time to commit to complete hours in the gym, but they’re much more likely to do half an hour. Test thirty-minute group or individual training sessions as an alternative and see who signs up.

6. Only Add Features That Raise Your Return

You don’t have to commit everything to a short-format, but if you can get some interest, it could grow over time. Also, half the time may be worth more than half the price; quick workouts might give you a premium that boosts the return on the services you offer.

7. Focus on Special Populations

If you have relationships in your community with healthcare and educational organizations you might decide to focus on providing services that support special populations. You will need suitably qualified trainers to work with seniors, children, the disabled, or recovery from illness and injury, but this is a niche that looks likely to keep growing for the foreseeable future.

The point with any and all of these tips is to use the least amount of time money and effort to grow your business with a bit of creative energy. You might need to add a certification or two, but alternatively, you might be able to recruit the qualified trainer as new employees or collaborators.

Fitness is a hyper-competitive industry, and you have to do everything within your power to stay competitive. Take a look at your business, any under-utilized resources you control, and the community around you. A step outside the box of your daily operation could reveal a feature that raises your return and secures your future.


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