Branding Your Gym With A Theme And Team Uniforms

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  • Branding Your Gym With A Theme And Team Uniforms

Putting your employees and representatives in sharp uniforms is one of the most fundamental ways to put a professional face on your fitness center operation, studio, or small gym business. There is a whole range of reasons to put your staffers in uniforms, and the key features are the associations that tie it all together.

Branding By Association

Members want to know who is in charge – Some common sense guidelines apply to uniforms in any business. Successful branding is about putting all of your visual and written material in one marketing strategy framework. The obvious factors include things like the color scheme and logo.

There’s also a less tangible element that is about creating a style that reflects the taste of the consumer audience that you pursue as new member prospects. Your members and prospects also pick up on social queues from uniforms unconsciously. If you have scruffy employees, in shabby, poorly fitting uniforms or no uniforms at all, why wouldn’t walk-in prospects and active members all assume that your gym is dirty or failing too?

The difference between who’s working and working out – It’s vital to put a boundary between customers and employees so that the lines are clear. Those owners that assume everyone sees things the way that they do often find out the hard way that it’s not the case.

When employees represent you, they should project authority. I don’t have numbers on it, but I strongly suspect that it’s easier to sell additional products and up-sell premium services in a uniform.

If you do set a policy about uniforms, then it should include trainers. Professional instructors understand that they are responsible for making the right impression. Encourage any trainers that use your gym to work with clients to make the right impression. If your freelance fitness trainers need convincing refer them to this linked article about uniforms and personal trainers.

Branding Your Staff For A Big Gym Business Future

Your business looks like it has a future – When your business has a coherent brand strategy it makes your company look more professional; a standard uniform is a final touch on branding that says you are headed for big things.

The average consumer grows up seeing that corporate brands are behind successful operations, the association isn’t even conscious, it includes the assumption that a big business backs your brand and you are stable enough to be around in years to come.

Your people look sharper – When employees have a more professional appearance, it helps them look like they earned their certifications. Of course, this requires that you do uniforms well. There are a few physiological factors to consider here; one size does not fit all.

Make sure you provide a range of sizes that accommodate various body shapes. Male and female bodies have different proportions; so make sizes available for both genders. Well-tailored uniforms with suitable styling make your people look like the official representatives that they are.

Establish brand recognition for your gym – A recognizable uniform helps to develop your brand image. It might be a subtle thing, or it might be a clear message. You could choose a subdued color of polo shirt and place your distinctive logo on it, or choose a distinctive color for your brand and apply it to your uniform.

Your uniform shouldn’t be something that’s available for purchase by members. However, if you sell fitness merchandise at the front desk, a store or through an e-commerce platform an array of branded clothing items that complement your uniform and theme is a good idea. Merchandise and uniforms are all puzzle pieces that reveal the big picture when you combine them the right way.

Do Fitness Team Uniforms The Right Way

If you want to own and operate a big company, you need to aspire to the look and uniforms are all part of that, which is where franchisees have a distinct advantage. In fact, uniforms and prefabricated images are a significant selling point for the brands that provide franchise opportunities.

Obviously, the companies that sell uniforms will tell you that they matter. But get this: there is a market for gym employee uniforms because dressing the part sends the message to consumers and members about the value of being part of your gym business.


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