7 Low Cost Gym Businesses For Fitness Entrepreneurs

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  • 7 Low Cost Gym Businesses For Fitness Entrepreneurs

Take These Ideas And Become A Fitness Entrepreneur

Do you want to become an entrepreneur in fitness and operate a small gym business? If you build a full-service fitness club from scratch, you’re looking at an investment the size of a house.

If you’ve got the cash or enough to entice a suitable investor then maybe that’s the right way to go. If so, you might be the exception. If you want to dip your toe in the industry before you commit your family fortune, a very sensible attitude, these fitness entrepreneurship ideas are for you.

1. Boutique Fitness Studio

The boutique studio concept is about having studio space and a highly specific vision of what you want to offer the public. Pick one niche, adapt it to your community and market, and start building your membership.

2. Purchase A Franchise

There are fitness systems that allow entrepreneurs to startup at very reasonable costs. As a measure of scale, rather than the price of a house you’re facing the cost of a down payment on a house. A franchise gives you a proven system, with support and a knowledge base to help you begin generating income right away.

3. Drop Ship Equipment Showroom That Doubles As A Fitness Club

If you sell online, you can get extra income selling memberships to local people who walk in to look at your offerings. Resistance bands are one suggestion for your first e-commerce product. Focus on one type of equipment and use your gym as a showroom.

4. Fitness For Kids

Kids in America today don’t get the freedom to run around as they would in decades past. With school activity cutbacks, fast food served up by overworked parents, kids aren’t as active as they once were, and parents are right to worry.

Factor in the obsessive culture of video games and all the other digital distractions and you’ve got an argument to help kids burn off energy and grow up fit and confident. If you have a knack for working with children and a vision of how to make fitness fun for them, this could be a chance to fill the niche.

5. Promote Your Events And Book Space By The Hour

If you’re an experienced trainer, all you need is the club management insight to develop a branded regimen and the leadership skills to draw curious workout enthusiasts into your circle of influence.

Use craigslist and meetup.com to reach out to people seeking connection with a group and leadership in action. As for space, you can find local rooms that rent by the hour. It may be the recreation center or local churches, but there are bound to be opportunities to lead groups in HIIT, yoga, or some other activity that your qualified to teach.

6. Organize A Team Of Trainers

So maybe you don’t have the right certifications to lead classes yourself, or you’re not confident in doing it. There are probably trainers looking to connect with an organizer so that you can be the leader behind the scenes.

Reach out to trainers, book local studio spaces and advertise for members in your group. The one thing to do is always capture the information of anyone who inquires or signs up. Build a mailing list and stay in touch as a recruiting tool for your growing gym membership and team.

7. YouTube Gym Business Vlogger

These days, you can become a video production studio with minimal software and equipment. Add a few of the bells and whistles like action shots with a GoPro camera and the occasional gratuitous drone footage, and you’ll start to build an audience and promote your club at the same time.

There’s a whole industry that supports YouTubers with content ideas, management, and funding. Put your training skills and small gym business resources in fitness videos to do whatever works to attract an audience.

Combine Ideas To Multiply Success

Your fitness business is going to start from the place you’re at when you decide it’s time to go ahead. You have a unique combination of skills, talents, certification, and finance.

Sometimes not having access to large amounts of capital helps you to make better choices and stronger commitments. A smart gym business idea that only needs a small investment might be the first step to a shining future as a successful fitness entrepreneur.


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