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The Latest Gym Insight Turnaround Success

Recently, on the Gym Insight Blog, I wrote a post about small gym business turnarounds for struggling gym owners. That post referenced a video published by Grant Cardone, which followed him through the process as he coached a struggling fitness center back from failure. Well, we’re celebrating the turnaround success of one of our customers! So, how could I not share the experience?

Video Coaching Podcast With Anthony Pasquale

Our gym-software and gym management trainer-expert, Anthony Pasquale worked with one of our customers recently, who had asked for help in improving sales. The client reached out because they were having poor sales results and losing customers faster than they could replace them.

The client was kind enough to agree to allow us to record a screencast of the workshop that Anthony took him through. The video proceeded in two parts; before and then after he applied the training and advice that Anthony gave him. The first video, which you can find on this link, gives a great lesson in retention, how to use Insight software to improve performance and to maximize the sales outcomes.

Initially, as a gym owner, you have to act as the sales representative until you can afford to bring in someone to whom you can delegate it. Even when you have a full team, you still have a responsibility to understand what is going on, evaluate how your team is performing, and determine what training they need to improve the results they achieve.

Lessons About Selling That Apply To Any Small Businesslazy-13

This video addresses the issues and challenges of owning, managing and marketing a small gym business specifically. However, these lessons are relevant to any small business that delivers services directly to consumers and sells membership subscriptions.

If you are considering setting up a gym or you’ve already made the commitment to launch, this workshop gives you the low down, the details of what other owners have experienced in practical terms. You are also going to learn the reasons why other gym management software companies don’t want you to know the inside secrets about what your gym is doing well or poorly.

Learn to handle walk-ins and what you can do to overcome the old employee excuse of no walk-ins; who should you talk to in your gym about how to improve your offerings, and it might not be the members that you think. Discussions about reports, the coding and the implications of the behavior of members’ actions, and what should reassure you about it.

What is it that you want to achieve as a small business owner? Insight reports show you where you are losing money, which gives you the power to make changes that take you to profitability. Anthony demonstrates Insight’s reporting capabilities and many other issues in the video; he covers many of the general concerns of small gym business owners as well as factors that matter to any gym. Converting members, retaining members and the fees and dues that compose the lifetime value of each member.

The Results Of The Turnaround

The second session, available on directly from the page of the first video or via this link, revisits the scene after about two months and goes straight into Insight reports to find how the situation had changed for the positive in the intervening time, improved dramatically. To his credit, the client put Anthony’s advice into practice and reaped the reward with an immediate business turnaround. A little bit of refocusing and hard work doubled the value of each member to this gym! The remainder of the second video follows up with tips on such things as how to retain customers and how to win lost members back.

The Gym Insight Blog has been pushing the idea of involvement and why you want to get your members engaged and attending; if they never sign in to workout you can expect them to come in to cancel. So you need a response, a strategy for selling, managing and training your team to respond when the inevitable happens.

Software And Service From Gym Insight

The power that Anthony Pasquale brings to the discussion is the fact that he has the personal experience as a successful gym manager. He can tell you what the risks and traps are ever-present for new gym owners; training you on how to use the Insight software to have the information that you need at your fingertips is a bonus to that skill. So if you are thinking about starting a gym or you need to improve the performance of an open gym you really should watch both of these videos from end to end.


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