Social Networks for Gym Members – Do You Need Them?

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  • Social Networks for Gym Members – Do You Need Them?

Social Networks are the fabric of community. I’m writing here about the social media networks that have emerged with the invention of the Internet and which connects people in a way that hasn’t been possible for past generations.

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The arrival of facebook, Twitter and other social networks like Google Plus have put social connection onto a different level. The spread of these networks into every aspect of daily life have made it possible to create targeted networks that are focused on particular interests, like fitness. There are now some great tools to make your small gym a socially connected hub of online community.

Do You Need To Get Involved with Gym Member Social Networks?Group of fitness people looking at a tablet

The short answer is yes, you do! And here’s why:

  • They reinforce your gym as a social destination. Members can coordinate and meet up at the gym to workout together.
  • They help your members stay motivated. Connection brings peer pressure and that increases commitment.
  • People are starting to expect it. Social media is getting to be so embedded into everyday activities that it’s becoming habitual to use an app as a point of reference for any events, promotions or activities.
  • It could be an unfair advantage for you, or against you if your competitors are in and you’re not. You need to keep up to not fall behind! The pace of innovation is so fast today that being a year late could mean being "out".
  • It gives you another marketing connection to your members. You can’t have too many ways to link to your market. Also, like word of mouth, it’s an effective and inexpensive way to connect.

Exciting Social Networking Examples

The great thing about all of this is that it gives you a really low cost marketing tool that’s only limited by imagination and creative innovation. Activore and Fitkey are prime example of two exciting networks that are growing and deserve a closer look.


The Activore Social Network aims to get people who are connected through their network to connect offline. This networking platform was founded by people who are leaders in fitness and who are driven to share their passion. What it will do for gym owners is encourage connection and involvement between staff and members, help promote events, promotional offers and help run offers and challenges that add interaction and gaming.

What I really like about Activore is it helps gym owners with retention and analyzing patterns in data. This is a very effective way to get more out of your marketing and improve communication and retention. Readers of this blog will recognize that theme because Activore’s effect supports gym member management in the way that I have been writing about from the beginning.


The Fitkey application enables members to check in at subscribing gyms by their smart phones. Their philosophy is that getting to your workout is the largest part of the battle. The app helps you connect with friends and share your workout. They make the point that having a workout partner will help you to keep motivated.

Members get rewards and benefits for participating and providing social marketing. This helps to build the buzz for a gym, as word-of-mouth is always the best and most cost effective way for your gym to grow. You can leverage these networks to act like one of the national fitness brands, which have their own internal marketing teams and huge budgets. But you’ll do it better because you’re picking and choosing what works and not encumbered by a bureaucratic corporate structure.

Keep Watch For Options

The pace of innovation of social networks is likely to increase. Awareness will permit you to respond proactively when a network hits the sort of tipping point where it appears in the public consciousness. By that I mean you’ll be able to most effectively leverage your early entry to build a support for your business. So check out Activore and Fitkey to see how they can help you and increase your social media effectiveness. I really do think that social networks are where the action will be for the next few years. Take note of what’s going on in fitness related social media and be ready to exploit options as they appear.

Over to you…

Is your fitness business involved with a gym member social network? If so, please share in how it affects your business.