Minimalist Gym Menus Mean More Marketing Muscle

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  • Minimalist Gym Menus Mean More Marketing Muscle

When it comes to signup time most gym membership prospects want easy choices. Then, of course, there are the more knowledgeable new clients, who know what they want and love to think they got a little something extra in the deal. As the gym owner or manager, you can play your cards close to your chest and make them all happy. This strategy sells more memberships and everybody wins.

I’m a huge advocate of making things simple for gym members. When people apply for a fitness club membership they’re often looking to you to guide them to the right membership choice for their needs. I’m talking about people who are just starting out in fitness, maybe returning to the gym after too many years on the couch, who don’t have a clear idea of what they want.

Devoting time to sorting through complicated service options just makes them feel overwhelmed. They’re looking to you to provide a plan that works for them. It’s up to you to guide them as gently and quickly as possible to a suitable package. Of course, there’s always going to be people who walk in to sign up, who know exactly what they want. You can work with them by offering options that aren’t on your gym menu in order to close the deal.

Yes, Less Does Mean More

A system that simplifies choices while presenting genuine opportunities is a win-win. That’s why I generally present three options for members to visually see and to choose from. By showing and explaining these options, I find out the needs of the customer and determine how I can best meet those needs.

However, I always have additional options to choose from that I don’t present upfront, secret options if you will, like In-N-Out Burger’s secret menu. In-N-Out doesn’t present many options on their In-N-Out Menupublished menu, but over time it has become known that there are options, such as "animal style", which those "in the know" order off-menu.

Customers now expect that these additional menu items offer them more flexibility for their pleasure, but seeing all of these options on a standard menu can be overwhelming to customers who want to get "in and out" fast. In-N-Out has simplified the fast food process, for their benefit and for the benefit of their customers.

Similarly, as a gym owner, you are in control of your offerings and you can publish services, plans, and promotions whenever and to whomever you want. Although I don’t advertise these options to the general public, I like to give our military, which deserve a break, students, and seniors special discounts.

Discounts bring in more business for my gym business, while providing valued services to my clients. It also gives customers the sense that they got something special. That satisfaction generates an intangible added value to your business because it’s the sort of thing that closes sales and drives word-of-mouth referrals.

Minimalist Gym Member Management

The more options gym members have available to them, the more they have to think about. If members have to “think about it,” they may wind up leaving your gym premises to do so. DO NOT let that happen. Seriously, all they want to think about in a fitness center is their upcoming workout and how that is going to improve the way their bodies look, as well as their overall health. They want to feel less stress in the gym, not more.

Stress is highest before they sign up for their membership, so that’s when they’ll appreciate simplicity the most. If you overload a prospect with options upfront, the less they will focus on one choice. You risk losing them altogether. In sales leaving customers to make the choices invokes a fear in them, of missing out on something different; less options mean less buyer’s remorse and more satisfaction.

It’s nice for me, as a fitness center owner, to have options at my fingertips. For the typical new member, simplified membership options, like In-N-Out Burger simplifies menu options, makes it easier for people to make a decision quickly and with less hassle. All in all, getting the right deal on fitness helps to support your clients’ motivation to work out and stay loyal to your gym.

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Over to you…

How many fitness service options do you have on your menu?

In your sales experience, is less or more options better? Why?