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Customer service is important for any business to succeed. If you own a gym, your revenue source will be directly linked to your membership base. In order to ensure that your gym business survives and remains competitive in today’s fitness industry market, you have to consistently provide your members with high quality service. Customer service plays a vital role in member acquisition and member retention. Gym members that are satisfied with the service being provided by your fitness business will automatically come back to your gym and spread the word to their family, friends, and co-workers. For service providers, like fitness facilities, it is imperative that quality of customer service is always the top priority.

How to provide quality assurance to potential customers

Getting customers into a gym can be a really tedious task. To attract customers gym owners have to assure their customers that the services that they are offering have a good first impression. The first way of assuring your customer that you set the service standards high is to provide tasteful marketing and promotional campaigns. Be sure not to alienate a particular segment of your target population because you really do not understand the full connotations of a trendy meme.

How to provide good customer service to existing members

When looking at the quality of service that is provided to a member, you have to take a cold hard look at your employees because they are the ones that are providing the service. They are the face of your business. The main focus of trainers, nutritionists, fitness instructors, and administrative staff should be to ensure that the member is satisfied and on a direct path to achieving their fitness goals. Before opening a gym it is important for owners to train their staff about the basics of customer communication and how to interact with the new and loyal members alike.

The first step to ensure good customer communication is to appearance standards. A member will have a difficult time communicating a particular need or concern to a staff member if they cannot identify them as gym employee or if the gym member is too distracted by the employee’s disheveled appearance. Hence, it is important for all employees to wear the gym’s uniform as it gives the member the impression that the establishment is unified and professional.

The next step is to ensure that the member and your staff are on a first name basis. It is important for employees to familiarize themselves with all the members who regularly visit the gym. This way the member feels comfortable while training and does not feel left out or alienated. Make sure that your employees names and titles are visible in the form of a tag or a badge on the uniform. So, if members need specific help from a trainer or the manager, they will not have any problem in approaching them.

Not only is it important to be able to open the lines of communication by taking tearing down any inapproacha

ble barriers, but you also need to consider how your employees communicate with your members as this is an important measuring stick for the quality of the service provided. TechRepublic posted an article by Attorney Calvin Sun, who does a fantastic job at outlining 10 effective ways to communicate with customers. Although the article’s language is directed at the tech industry, his tips can be easily transferred to the gym industry. Take a few moments and check it out!

Go the Extra MileStreet turning into an arrow with white paint on it saying "Go the Extra Mile"

New and loyal members alike are always happy when a business goes the extra mile and does something special to make them happy. Gyms can send welcome letters, call and send birthday cards, and congratulatory notes whenever the member celebrates his birthday, gets a promotion, or has reached a particular fitness goal respectively. If a member finds out that these are the extra services being provided by your gym, there will be no hesitation that they are being provided with high quality service. Your members will also not hesitate to talk or tweet about it either.

Over to you…

How to go the extra mile for your members?

How do you educate your employees on effective communication tactics?


July 25, 2018

It is remarkable, it is a very valuable piece

Lawrence Fagan
December 6, 2016

Great comment!

There are two things all business owners, and certainly all gym owners should get right and focus on that dont cost anything:

1) Cleanliness of your business
2) Customer service!

Customers and potential customers will notice immediately if your business is dirty and they will either become fans or foes of your business based on your customer service. Differentiate your business by having great customer service its free!

Just Home Gym
October 11, 2016

Not many local gyms know how to provide good customer service. For once, I owned a membership at my local gym center (they have great equipment), but they treated me like they’re the customers. I felt really awful. I wish the gym owners would have trained their staff before sending them out to serve their customers.

full service gym Tucson
January 5, 2014

The most experienced trainers may not be the best and the most expensive trainers may not have a long list of credentials.

Richa sudeep
November 20, 2013

Excellent saying. Customers must be valued the most with pleasure and utmost patience.

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