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We can all agree that in today’s world, marketing with pictures and video makes a greater statement than with words alone. However, marketing in these realms has become competitive and tricky. Graphic design work for pictures and professional videographers can also be out of the budget for the smaller independent fitness businesses that are just opening their doors.

Thus, many business owners in the fitness industry have taken advantage of social media outlets to market, because they are practically free (other than "boosting" your posts on Facebook) and can reach a countless range of people. Although the amount and variety of people reached may not directly benefit your business, because they are in a different locale or are just not that type of person interested in purchasing a fitness membership, your fitness business can still indirectly benefit. Marketing your business on a social media outlet like YouTube increases your fitness business’ visibility. Hence, the more people reached the more likely of creating a buzz to get people talking and peaking the interest of your target audience.

The actual marketing your gym on YouTube is easier said than done. Not only are you obligated to be entertaining or engaging, you will also need to show people what your gym actually looks like so that they see for themselves the ambiance of the facility and its features. A video presentation is an excellent way to show your customers that you’re genuine and have a service that they need and want to be a part of.

Benefits of Video Marketing For Your GymVideo Streaming on a Laptop

Video marketing will give viewers a visual experience of your fitness club, yoga hub, or wellness center. A lot of importance is given for the preparation of the video. Lack of planning as well as poor video creation will not attract customers to your fitness business. Creating interesting and engaging content with original and creative videos will help attract viewers.

A common tactic that is used when promoting videos is to highlight the features of the gym. Potential customers are drawn to such establishments as they can visually appreciate the services that are being offered. So your video should break the misconceptions and myths about going to the gym and motivate people to join to your establishment. Make an exciting video of your gym or wellness center that people will be satisfied with. You may now ask, how do I do that?

Share Your Secrets

Tell people how your gym or wellness center is different from other ones that you directly compete with, and why your gym will provide a healthy and fit environment to support them accomplish their goals. Everyone, today, wants to know why a service is better than another, so sharing your secret is important.

Don’t hesitate to involve people of all age groups and physical abilities in your videos. Use of props and music will attract people who will then spread the word if they find the video interesting. You can even use video series as a marketing tool. It gives a continuous flow and helps in brand recall. Conduct public surveys – let your customers speak and share their view point. You can even schedule an interview with a local expert. Using experts such as nutritionists and personal trainers will credentials to the video and will make an impact.

One way to have an endless supply of video ideas is to answer every day gym questions that is specific to your facility. Whenever a customer or member comes to you or a staff member with a question, have them write down their question and post the question with the answer later on your gym’s YouTube Channel. Questions can be as simple as "Does your gym provide free towel service?" to more in depth ones like "What are good exercises and machines to use to develop core strength?" The more videos with unique and good quality content, the better ~ even if they are short.

Avoid Ineffective Content

The content of the video plays an important role in attracting people’s attention. The most important thing for a fitness business brand is to make videos and post it on their website as well as on YouTube. YouTube is a widely used site for videos and it no longer restricts the length of videos. There is a constant stream of traffic on YouTube as compared to your website alone.

Make sure the videos are short and don’t take too much time to buffer and play. Even people who have weak internet connectivity should be able to view the video. Be honest to your personality and your business. You can post funny videos, share some incidents, or show some success stories. But you must be aware that every update and video posted will have an everlasting effect, whether it is positive or negative. Thus, use your greatest judgment when considering the video’s content as it should respect the sentiments of your existing and projected membership base.

Video marketing can help attract potential customers to your gym or fitness service. If posted on a platform like YouTube – the concept, content, and customers must always be considered. Video marketing is widely used today by many businesses. Companies upload videos on a regular basis to spread the word about their product or service. If done correctly and creatively, your fitness business could become the next YouTube sensation!

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