This Month’s Buzz Words: “Small Group Training”

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  • This Month’s Buzz Words: “Small Group Training”

We all know that fitness plays a very important role in our daily lives. It helps to maintain our health and keeps our bodies immune to fight off diseases and illness. Physical fitness is important for those who are suffering from obesity and other weight related problems. Joining a health club is great way of losing weight and improving your health because health clubs specialize in providing the necessary training and weight reduction activities that will help you stay healthy and fit.

One recent trend that has started to build up a lot of buzz within the health club industry is the introduction of small group Buzz Thermometer with "hot topic" being the hottest temperature and the "huh?" being the lowest temperaturetraining programs or SGT for short. These training programs take in small groups of members and train them same way that they would normally for individual sessions. These groups generally vary between 3-8 members and the sessions last for about an hour depending on the personal trainer and group preferences.

As of yet, the majority of health clubs do not offer small group training programs yet. However, the buzz is, is that incorporating SGT into your health club business can be beneficial for both you as the business owner and for your members.

Small group training programs are motivating

Motivation is one of the keys to member retention. SGT programs are a very useful in motivating your club members that have been able to keep up with the momentum that they tried to manage on their own with individual personal training. People in groups tend to push themselves to work harder. The same is true when applying this known within the realm of fitness. People just act differently when they train in a group.

Take for example, training alone at home. It is so easy to give up or not push yourself to the max on your routine because there is no one there to compete with or to hold you accountable. You can gauge the difference even further once you join a health club. This brings out a little more motivation because you are around others doing similar activity. Now, when you are in the same exact setting performing the same exact exercise, you then undoubtedly see how your colleague is performing and your natural competition juices start flowing. The result, competition can bring out the best performances one can offer.

Another way to look at motivation, and hence retention, is through the lens of camaraderie. For example, some of the training programs can be intense and rigorous and the trainer may not be able to assist the member at all times during the routine. This is where having other participating members’ becomes very handy, literally. If all participating SGT members are going through the same difficult routine but one maybe struggling more than the others, an extra helping hand or direction from another participating member builds up psychological wellness through camaraderie. This camaraderie among the members can greatly enhance their overall workout experience.

It is highly economical

One of the biggest advantages of SGT is the fact that the member can save more than an individual personal training program. Health clubs that provide SGT programs charge lower rates per person than individual training. This makes it more economical for both the club and its members.

These training programs are charged based on the number of participants in the group. The charges for these groups are divided over each participant which reduce the cost per person. For example, instead of paying $60 for a personal trainer, you can pay $20 for a small group of 3 participants which is far more economical for the member.

It is also beneficial to the health clubs as it is more likely that the club will be able to secure this revenue more easily than trying to sell an individual training package.
This will lead to more profit for your health club! With the number of people becoming more aware of small group training, the buzz will definitely spread and in turn, bring in more members wanting to try the next great fitness trend.

Get your club buzzing today by incorporating SGT programs into your business model!

Topics for Discussion:

Does your health club have SGT programs?

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