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Swimming and other pool related activities are a great way for people to relax, stay cool and be fit at the same time. Swimming in a pool regularly helps reduce weight as well as improve your cardio endurance. The following is a list of pool equipment and some general exercises that can accompany them.

Hand-held pool aerobic equipment

Pool aerobics is very effective for those who are focused on losing weight. There are many types of hand-held equipments that you can use to help you perform pool aerobic exercises. One of them is a water bar bell. These are hand weights that are specially designed for pool aerobics. They look exactly like dumbbells that you find in a gym and are designed to float on the water’s surface. Due to the natural resistance of water, these bar bells are used for weightlifting, and toning of the muscles.

Another very effective hand-held device is the kickboard as commonly used by swimmers for focused work outs. It concentrates all your energy and power to the legs while still keeping you afloat. This helps in building muscles and improving your stamina.

Belts and vests for pool aerobicsPool aerobic equipment

Many people use buoy belts, and vests to help them train better in the water. These are very effective in increasing your performance while you work out. Along with the buoyancy properties of the water, the additional buoyancy of the vest and belt puts less pressure on the joints and muscles. It also allows you to have a wider range of movements as it reduces the natural gravitational affect that water has on the human body. Wearing a vest in the water increases the amount of resistance that you will experience when you are in water which, in turn, leads to a more extensive work out.

Weights and resistance training

Resistance training is one of the important exercises that pool aerobics provide. Equipments that are useful when performing resistance training are ankle and hand weights. These weights increase the amount of resistance that you experience when you are in the water. This means that your muscles in your legs and hands will require double the effort when performing aerobic exercises. These weights can be used for any type of pool aerobics such as leg raises and aqua jogging. The great thing about training with ankle and hand weights is that it combines strength training, cardiovascular, and aerobic activities to give you a complete workout.

Swim noodle for pool aerobics

Swim noodles are a great way of combining fun with fitness. This is a multifunctional equipment that can be used to increase the strength in your thighs and abdomen. There are many exercises that you perform when you are using the swim noodles such as thigh exercises, noodle push and knee lifts. When using the noodle, you should make sure that you support the top half your body on the noodle in order to get maximum benefit. Training with swim noodles greatly improves your calf muscles, hamstrings and quads. Swim noodles are mostly focused to improve the lower half of your body.

Pool aerobics are very effective in keeping your body fit as well as losing weight. These exercises are also hydro therapeutic and are known to help remove any strains in the joints and muscles. These exercises prove helpful in re-mediating arthritis and improving your cardiovascular functioning.

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