Top 4 Gym Equipment Accessories Every Health Club Should Have

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  • Top 4 Gym Equipment Accessories Every Health Club Should Have

I am aware that I am listing 4 accessories and not a more normal “top” number of either 3 or 5 or even 10. I did that for a reason and not to be an overachiever if you think there should only be 3 listed or lazy if you believe that 5 listed accessories would have been a better well rounded number for this article. In a sense, I do agree that 5 sounds better, so I am going to ask you at the end of this article to add in the comment section what the 5th most important gym accessory should be.

With that said, everyone knows that a health club is a place where you expect to find a wide range of equipment that is required for a good and comprehensive workout. In a previous article, I listed the top 5 most popular pieces of gym equipment. While many top health clubs meet the expectation, there are cases where some health clubs might be under equipped. There are also cases where health clubs might have the equipment but do not have accessories required to use the equipment safely. Here is a list of the top four gym equipment accessories that every health club should have.

Weight Plates and Locks

Weight plates are probably the most important accessory set that a health club must have. The range of exercises in which weight plates can be used is almost unlimited. They can be even used with dumbbells for heavy workout sessions. Weight plates are also an integral part of bench press. Another factor that health clubs should keep in mind is the range of weights in the weight plates’ rack. Depending on the capacity of the person, the weights that he or she can use can be as less as 5 pounds and can go up to as much as 50 pounds per plate. So, it is imperative that the range of weights should also be considered in the setup.

The locks that go with weight plates are also as important as the plates. These locks are used to ensure that the weight plates do not slide off the bar in case the bar is tilted in the process of exercising. Weight plates and the locks go are equally important to any health club and they are the most important gym equipment accessories.

Weight Lifting Lumbar Support Belt

The back, although appears stronger, is the most vulnerable part of the body when you try to lift heavy weights. This is the reason why most of the people who are experienced in the gym use back support belts while working with large weights. Most gyms either have a shortage of these belts or no belts at all. One of the problems with back injuries is that it never heals completely. It keeps recurring, especially when you put additional strain on your back. That is the reason why it is always better to wear a back support belt, as prevention is better than cure when it comes to back injuries as well.

Skipping Rope

Man jumping rope

Although these might not fall exactly under the category of gym equipment accessories, the skipping rope is one most ignored health club accessories. People are more fascinated by the sophisticated equipment that the health club has, and tend to incline towards those and ignore the immense potential that this simple accessory has to offer.

Skipping is one of the best ways of improving your lower body strength while performing cardiovascular exercise as well. This dual effect of skipping is why boxers are seen exercising using the skipping rope so frequently.

Stability Ball

The stability ball, in my opinion could be either considered a piece of equipment or accessory as it could be used alone or with other accessories. The stability ball comes in a range of sizes, and the number of exercises that can be performed using them is endless. Just use the internet to search for stability ball exercises and you will probably get more than you can handle.

In your opinion, what is the 5th most important gym equipment accessory that every health club should have?


emma watson
October 30, 2017

i agree with this bolg.
please use proper equipments and tools for gym use.

Dean Juarez
July 11, 2013

Great idea. I’m actually starting to collect gym equipment for our house but I can’t afford to buy everything at one time. These equipments you mentioned in your blog will be among the top priorities. Thanks for sharing.

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