5 Quirky Personalities You Are Likely to Encounter at the Gym

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  • 5 Quirky Personalities You Are Likely to Encounter at the Gym

Hitting the gym has its per-requisites. There are a few people to look out for, who may interrupt your workout routine. Here you will find some methods by which you may spot them, and more importantly how to avoid them.

The Beefy Guy in Tights

Some people love to show off their bodies. They may go to the extent of wearing clothes too small for them. The entire purpose for the clothes is to catch your attention, which they will successfully do. Spotting them is not the problem. Unfortunately, this category of people also will try to chat you up.

Avoid small talk, bring your iPod and headset, and pretend you are very particular and focused about your workout routine. If they come to flaunt their muscles right next to you, completely ignore them. If they persist, tell them politely that you are on a “tight” schedule and do so with a straight face. Although these people are not the best at taking hints, they will learn that you are not interested soon enough.

The Gym Freak

This is the best of the lot. These personality types are so involved in their exercise that they seem to have blinders on. You can usually spot them because the majority seem to endorse major sports companies by wearing branded sports apparel from their socks to their sweat-bands.

Also, these pervasive personality types seem to hog the workout machinery. They jump from machine to machine and behave as if you are wasting your time when you are using the equipment. If their routine needs the treadmill when you are using it, they stand right beside you and start running on the spot. To avoid them, try and follow their routine by a full set behind their last set. If this doesn’t work then change your timing and stay an arms length behind.

The Workaholic Supposedly Working Out

Unfortunately, many people bring their mobile phones with them to the gym. Usually it is businessmen, who may end up shouting over the phone and disturb your exercise routine. Again, the solution is music. Never forget to take your i-pod or headphones when you go to the gym. More often than not, the solution to a productive workout session is the music.

If you are the type of person who loses their temper easily, then try and use that adrenaline to push yourself further in your workout. If you find it unbearable to have these businessmen conducting business while working out.

The Pesky Stalkercrazy gym stalker

Most the time, these types are guys, however, there has been the occasional lady who seem to get bent out of shape when Hugh Grant is in the house. Regardless, the guy or girl, seems to end up in the gym only when you are present, or continuously glance at you through the mirror. Having a stalker is one of the biggest reasons for people discontinuing their gym presence. What is worse is that they try to make small talk whenever possible, and seem to run into you on the way in and out of the gym quite often.

The concern is when the stalker starts to ruin a perfectly good exercise plan. If possible, for women, join a gym that is for women only or has sections dedicated to women only. Alternatively, men do not have much of a respite and must confront the stalker or make them feel uncomfortable to get them to stop. Perhaps one way to do this is to ask loudly, why they are staring, in front of a few others to call them out.

Master Matilda

It is quite common to find bookworms sitting in gyms and reading. People come to the gym to exercise. When you are not allowed to do so because someone is sitting on an exercise bike and reading, something must be done. It is usually as simple as saying ‘excuse me’, and suggesting that you need to use the equipment. Be firm, and they’ll generally get discouraged from sitting around with a book in hand after a few times.

What are other quirky gym personalities you have encountered?


Lawrence Fagan
October 7, 2013

Hi Chad,

Thank you so much for sharing that link. This article is truly fascinating. I can’t wait to test myself to see what my own fitness profile is. I would encourage all gym owners and operators to check out the link that Chad shared too! Maybe you could even encourage your gym members to take the test and find a deeper understanding to their motivations and then develop marketing campaigns and programs to match each type of profile!

Chad Find
October 7, 2013

Hey Lawrence, really interesting post! I’m always entertained by the amount of characters I encounter at the gym – especially the ‘The Gym Freak!’ I also found this article which goes into the Myers-Briggs stuff, but found the science behind it very fascinating!

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