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One of the problems that people face when opening a gym or health club is the plethora of equipment choices. Although there are new and interesting, like the shake weight , it is ideal to stick to the classics. Here are the top 5 popular equipment pieces that every gym should have.

Stability Ball

Although unassuming and seemingly simple, a stability ball is a vital equipment that should be present in every gym. There are a number of reasons why the stability ball is so popular in the gym. First, it can be used by anyone and everyone, irrespective of the level of fitness you possess. The exercises that can be done using the stability ball can range from very simple warm-up exercises to serious fat burning and strength or stability building exercises. Also, it can be used anywhere and is very easy to carry around as well. These are just some of the reasons why the stability ball is at the top of the popularity chart.

Dumbbell Rackdumbbell rack and stability ball

Just like a stability ball, the number of exercises that you can do with a rack of dumbbells is many. You can train for strength, stability, muscle mass, or even rehabilitate using dumbbells. The range of weights on the dumbbell rack should also be more as it will give you a choice of exercises. Also, you can train different parts of the body separately using dumbbells, like biceps, triceps, thighs, calves, chest, and others.


One of the best forms of exercise is running and the best place to do it in a gym is the treadmill. You can walk, jog, and run depending on your preference and the physical condition of your body. Modern-day treadmills have been improved and give you a range of settings that program the running schedule in such a way that you can burn fat, increase stamina, and strengthen your lower body. You can also elevate the ramp on which you run to increase the effect of running on your body and make you stronger.

Bench Press

A bench press can be used to strengthen the whole of your upper body if you know how to use it properly. There are different exercises that you can do using the bench press. Even the normal bench press affects your arms, chest, back, and sides. Also, you can vary the weight to ensure that all parts of your body get a proper workout. Most trainers recommend bench press to beginners also as it has a low risk of injury and maximum effect on the body. However, care must be taken by beginners to ensure that they get assistance while working out with the bench press for the first couple of weeks.

Elliptical Trainer

Just like a treadmill, an elliptical trainer is also a very popular piece of gym equipment for the simple reason that it can be used by anyone and everyone. The arms, upper body, and lower body get a good workout from exercising on the elliptical trainer. Also, the exercise setting gives you a comprehensive cardiovascular workout if not anything else.


Stella Morgan
December 18, 2014

Although I agree with you that the list above indeed is inclusive of the most popular gym equipment these days, I’d have to say the smith machine belongs in this roster too. Trainers barely do blogs about them, but my personal trainer strongly encouraged me to buy one so I can do a full workout at home. This is quite convenient for me because I have a really hectic schedule. You will really get your money’s worth, I’ve heard.

September 16, 2014

I have positive gains after I started using an exercise ball for my core. I think every gym would not be complete if they didn’t have one.

Lawrence Fagan
July 15, 2014

Hi Steve,

Let me know if you have any specific questions that you would like my perspective on. I am always willing to help out other small business owners!


July 15, 2014

Looking for great insight into operating a successful gym

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