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Networking For Gym Business Owners Is About This One Thing

As you know, fitness is more than just providing a place to work out; it’s about community and building a network of like-minded, healthy, and happy people. Whether you’re networking for gym business owners or your membership, it’s the connections you make that root your fitness enterprise in your local community. Success comes from connecting in this business because it’s about people and building your membership one person at a time. There is one extra essential ingredient that goes into making your community, and that’s passion. If you have the love and motivation that emanates from the energy of passion [...]


Gym Businesses Win By Investing In Millennials

The Digital Natives Expect You To Bring Your A-Game There is a simple logic that justifies marketing to Millennials; it is the fact that, being young people, they will be around for years and years to come. So if you can capture the mood and attitude that appeals to them, you have a shot at building relationships with a valuable demographic. Millennials are the offspring of past generations that were subject to sophisticated marketing, even if the media was less advanced. This recent generation has grown up within that context, and they are the first generation that is truly native [...]


What Small Fitness Businesses And Startups Look Like

It’s Not What You Think So, what does a small fitness business or startup look like? From the outside, it might resemble any one of a variety of business models that have nothing in common. Inside it's likely to be a different story. Your business probably has an architecture that fits into a format that any gym manager will recognize, a club with a subscription membership. It’s a service business that has consumers for members. You have to deal with a competitive market, fight against lots of similar companies, and also contend with the giants that have unlimited resources. These key [...]


5 Insights Startup Gyms Need To Beat The Big Clubs

The Five Forces of Competition The fitness business offers plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs and trainers to found startup gym businesses. Your gym can compete against established studios and big box fitness corporations; you just have to be savvy about it. The same factors that define competition within the industry will also show where you can make your entrance and your strategy that will grow the business. Any business situation has potential competitive threats. The gym business is no exception. Michael Porter of Harvard University first laid out a catalog of the Five Forces, which every company faces in one [...]


Time To Hire A Professional Marketer For Your Fitness Business

So, your small gym business is becoming less small, and you’re still spending too much of your time personally promoting your business. You ask, “could I get a marketing pro to do this for me?” Good question, it’s a positive development that you even need to consider this point; so what do you do? There are plenty of marketing professionals who’d love to work for a fitness center. The problem is likely to be whether you can afford to hire them full-time and to keep them busy. The way that small gym businesses can bootstrap a solution is to be [...]


Small Gym Business Owners Get The Best of Both Worlds With Automation

I was just reading about some big-box gym managers earning salaries in the high five figures, without having to risk personal wealth or credit. Well, that $80K paycheck probably helps these big box managers sleep at night, even if they’re beholden to the bureaucracy of corporate America. So, how as a small gym business owner, do you get the best of both worlds? After all, if independence is good, then independence combined with prosperity must be better! Automation – Building A Gym That Runs Itself The answer has to be in being smart and efficient, and in this day and [...]


Marketing To Pick Up Members During The Slow Months Of Summer

What is marketing about if not finding new customers? And when business is at its slowest surely that is the time to shift down a gear and get the marketing efforts going properly. Marketing is about customers, who they are and what they want, as well as how you can mold your business to pick up some new members. You can bring in new members who want what you have and to do it at the lowest possible cost to you in the process. Of course, marketing takes an investment of time and energy, if not capital. If you are [...]


Turbocharged Integration

We turbocharged our integration with MailChimp!: We now send the following additional information to MailChimp so that you can run your most targeted email campaigns ever: account status, birthday, visits in the past 30 days, visits in the past 90 days, and visits in the past year. Send a notice to your inactive members to get back in the gym, or just wish them a happy birthday! If you haven’t set up a MailChimp account for email lists, it’s time to start! Need assistance? Ask us – we’re happy to help! Save

Steve Jobs – So Many Lessons But Let’s Look At Just One

I recently finished reading Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs, which I thought was a fascinating life story. There are so many things about this guy that pertain to any business that it’s an irresistible topic to tackle on the Gym Insight Blog. But I promise to visit the subject only one time, unless there is a call for an encore in the comments of course. Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple computers, Next, and Pixar Entertainment was a complicated person to be sure. On one hand, he had a genius for design and business. Jobs had an amazing eye [...]


The Secret To Boosting Membership Revenue

Keeping Your Gym Doors Open You’ve undoubtedly heard the expression cash is king, and you’ll probably agree without much hesitation that revenue is the vital resource for your company. Even if you never deal with cash per se, revenue is the cash that drives your business forward; it’s the very breath of your organization. Your membership structure is most likely your primary income source and all your members contribute a share to your success. However, there are always opportunities to give better service or provide products that will make your members’ experience better and which will boost your revenue in [...]


Finding Your Retention Rate and Why It Matters

Back To Basics Yet Again Even in this digital-first era, when it comes to operating a business, it still all boils down to the basics. By this, I mean a few specific skills and functions that we have addressed in some detail over the years, here on the Gym Insight Blog. But being basics, they never suffer for a little repetition. Of these, membership retention stands out as one of the most critical factors. Small progressive improvements can take you from a struggling small business owner, sleeping in the back office, to the top of your local marketplace. The economy and [...]


Membership Relationships Built On Balance

The Reason For Reporting Numbers Don’t let the numbers distract you; owning a small gym business is still all about relationships. I know that I have spent a lot of time and digital ink over the last few years saying that it’s about the experience. But that is really just the same thing isn’t it? The experience that gym members seek is a positive training experience or a friendly environment to work out in, with all the benefits of improved fitness. For anyone who takes on the premium membership the price might easily cover the cost of setting up a home [...]


Hashtags For Gyms And How To Use Them

A Simple Social Solution For Gym Marketing When you have a business where you’ve put everything into it and you spend every waking hour of the day trying to get it going, when you’re always on call to respond to daily crises, you owe it to yourself to get every advantage possible. The humble hashtag might just be the thing to help you do that. Do you have a social media hashtag for shout-outs about your gym?  The hashtag has become such a simple branding tool so quickly that it’s easy to overlook.  These little tags can get you some [...]


The Challenges Of Creating Your Own Brand

There was a time when I would have thought that creating a brand was as simple as having an idea and commissioning a graphic designer to put my imaginings into visual form. I have learned a simple and harsh lesson over time: You have to work very hard to get recognized in your marketplace, as a business and as a brand. Be The Brand You can create your brand as an extension of your own personality but you have to make sure that it is the right image for your market and membership. Test your results and take measurements wherever possible. [...]