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Summer is the time when people start finding time to relax and have some fun. As people are becoming more and more health conscious by the day, health clubs are becoming a popular hangout for people of all age groups. Health clubs can leverage this demand to their advantage, and come up with events or promotions that people enjoy. This will also increase the popularity of the health club significantly. Here are a few simple ideas for cool summertime events and promotions in your health club.

Discounts or Free Trials

One of the best promotions you can offer in your health club is a free trial or a big discount on the prices. This will definitely attract a lot of attention. Attention is the first thing you need when you want to grow your business. When you have the attention, you can take it forward from there.

Complimentary Spa or Yoga Sessions

Yoga anyone?

Since people will have a lot of time on hand during summertime, they will be eager to try  complimentary health spa sessions (if your health club has one), yoga or any other health related activity. You should not look at this as a freebie. Rather, you are offering this trial session to prospective clients. If the patrons are suitably impressed, they will definitely come back to your health club, and will not have a problem paying for the services.

Food Truck Rally Night

Food truck rallies are a great way for members to meet each other and enjoy healthy eating!

This is my favorite type of event to hold! Food is something that gathers a lot of attention around the world. So, why not leverage this obvious fad and invite people to be a part of a healthy food truck fest? You can invite food trucks specializing in food with very good nutritional value, preservative free, and (perhaps) locally sourced. Consider vegan, vegetarian, paleo, or ethnic food trucks as well. If possible, design a competition so members “vote” on their favorite truck. You can invite a famous trainer or a nutritionist to judge the competition, who can also be available for a question and answer session. This great way of having fun and encouraging healthy eating even while dining out!  

Pool Tournaments

Most health clubs will have a pool and you can use this to your advantage by organizing a pool volleyball tournament. Summer is the time to take a nice cold dip, and if you combine a fun aspect to it by adding volleyball, people will love it.

Swimming pool raceContrary to popular belief, you do not need to be an expert spike to play pool volleyball. It is a game for amateurs and is very enjoyable as well. You can also organize race relays and the like.

Ask people to register teams of their own and give them some sort of an incentive as a prize. You will be surprised how many people will be willing to join the tournament.

Along the same lines, if your health club has tennis, badminton, or a table tennis court, you can organize a tournament. Regular players love to test themselves against the others and these tournaments have historically been known to get an overwhelming response.

Invite Fitness Experts in for a Chat

Have experts in the field of nutrition, bodybuilding, fitness training, meditation and yoga, and others come and speak in your health club. People are always on the lookout for advice on how to stay healthy and fit. These sessions will definitely have its share of takers, and people will come in large numbers to participate.

At the end of the day, you must remember that you are trying to get people to stay in your health club or join it. So, make sure there is a promotional angle to all the events that you organize.

Stay cool out there!

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This blog has been revised and updated. It was originally published May 31, 2013