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If you are a fitness freak, you will find that opening a health club is a good way of doing something that you love. People are getting more and more health conscious by the day, owing to the unhealthy corporate lifestyle that has become very common in the modern way of life. One of the mistakes that owners do with health clubs is that they don’t treat it like a business. Since they feel that it is a place where people relate to, they tend to take it in a more personal way. A good business plan is vital for the success of the health club. Here is some insight into how you can create a good business plan for your health club.

Business Plan Terms

Ownership and Employees

If you are the sole owner of the health club, you will not have any ownership problems. However, if you are with a partner, make sure that you draw up an ownership agreement that will clarify how much of the profit or loss you are going to bear. Also, when you have a health club, you need employees based on the size of your health club. If it is a large establishment, you need teams to handle various aspects including trainers. Assuming that you go in with a skeleton team, you need someone who can handle the reception, the accounts, the store, and the trainers’ team. Make sure you recruit based on your budget and based on the requirement. There’s no point if you hire 20 trainers for 10 members. A 3:1 ratio of trainer to member will work well.

Marketing Plan

Since most of your members will be from the local area, you need to have an aggressive local marketing plan. Flyers, ads, brochures, and recommendation forms are some of the top ways of getting attention focused on your health club. You can also approach local businesses and ask them to put up posters of your health club. Go online and use social media channels actively. Start offers like early bird discounts. Just make sure that the marketing plan kicks things off with a bang. Once you start getting signups to your health club, make sure to always collect an email address. Email marketing campaigns are a continuous vital and constructive effort! Do not underestimate the power of email!

Work with Targets

Growth should be an integral part of any business plan and same holds true for your health club. Set a timeline and target a certain number of members in that timeline. If you achieve that, push up your targets for the next time slot. Else, go back to the drawing boards and think where you might have gone wrong during the gym sales process. The membership fee might have been too high or the marketing strategy might not have been sound. The club might not have the right amenities that the members are expecting. It is imperative that you identify the mistakes and fix them soon.

Be Ready for Problem of Plenty

Some owners also struggle with the problem of plenty where their business will do better than they expect it to. In times like this, you have to deal with more demand than you can handle. There might be more members in your health club than you are prepared to handle. In times like that, don’t get stressed and break down. Have a plan that will help you deal with the exciting, but sometimes unprepared for gym business growing pains. To help you with these pains, you will need to plan on getting the best gym management software, Insight!


Always make a business plan thinking that you will be successful, but do have contingencies in place that will help you deal with failure to turn it around as fast as possible. Be enthusiastic, clever, and thorough in planning. There is no reason why you should not succeed if you set your mind to it and prepare adequately.

Best of luck in your new exciting venture!


Lawrence Fagan
February 21, 2017

Wonderful to hear the blog was so helpful. Thank you for the feedback!

Lawrence Fagan
February 10, 2017

Hi Maurice,

We purchase a Blue Cross / Blue Shield plan through our local Chamber of Commerce. The cost has absolutely ballooned out of control over the past few years but I�m optimistic that providing health insurance for (healthy) small business employees can become affordable again in the future.

Maurice Reifman
February 6, 2017

What do you do for health coverage for your family and your trainers? Do you just wing it, since you’ve made a commitment to good health, or do you look at it as another part of doing business?

Lawrence Fagan
April 17, 2014

Thanks Chris for your feedback and reader support!


June 20, 2013

These are the really great points to build a business successful.
Great work Lawrence.

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