Who Works for Gym Insight? Introducing Our Employee Profile Blog Series

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  • Who Works for Gym Insight? Introducing Our Employee Profile Blog Series

Welcome to our newest series within our blog. Here we profile employees from throughout our company to both introduce them to you, our valued clients, and spotlight their unique contributions to Gym Insight. We believe each employee offers a special blend of talents that together create the robust set of gym management software tools our fitness club owners enjoy. 

Dancing with Natalia

Natalia Schulte, our newest sales manager, brings a sprightly enthusiasm to her job with Gym Insight. We’ve asked her to support our Head of Sales, Anthony Pasquale, in our critical mission to grow Gym Insight’s core customer base as we continue to expand our technology’s capabilities.

Natalia’s sales style blends integrity, energy, and a lot of laughter. Considering her preference for Cuban-style café con leche, we know her strong, yet fun-loving approach will be a key ingredient in our continued success. 

Please read on to learn about what makes her special.

Natalia Schulte
Pilates instructor for 13 years.

Tell us about your business background.

I’ve done sales a long time. I’ve worked in hospitality, banking, and as spokesmodel for technology companies. At one time, a supervisor and myself ran a premier 60-room boutique hotel, where you could not stay for less than $2,000 a night. I’ve also taught Pilates for 13 years, and hold 15 certifications within the fitness field. I’m an NASM-certified personal trainer, and trained in special populations, active aging, pre- and post-natal. The list just goes on. 

What’s your favorite way to move?

One, Pilates. I love it so much I’ve been doing it for 17 years and teaching it for 13. Two, CrossFit – when I’m not injured from doing CrossFit.

Natalia Schulte

What led you to the fitness field?

My parents started taking me to the gym as young as they possibly could. I was in soccer at three years old, trained in Tae Kwon Do, and I went to a performing arts school in high school, Las Vegas Academy of the Arts, for music and dance. It was the best high school experience ever. I danced jazz, ballet, contemporary, tumbling, hip-hop  — everything but tap. 

So, does that mean you play music?

Yes, and I love to sing. I play guitar, clarinet, piano, and sing at my church. My vocal coach is the same one who taught Madonna and J.Lo. 

Let’s talk shop. What are your primary responsibilities within Gym Insight?

Sales, west-coast of the United States. 

Natalia Schulte

What is your favorite initiative or new product offering at Gym Insight?

We just started a new initiative for our online membership sales. We make it so your clients can pick a membership on your website or through social media and sign up within five minutes. It’s so easy to use, they can come in and work out right away. 

What do you enjoy most about your work?

The thing I love the most – I’ve always wanted a job where I can help people. Fitness trainers can help people improve individually. But with Gym Insight, you’re doing it a grander scale — at the owner level.  We are going into partnership with the people who create the spaces where anyone can begin pursuing a healthier life.

Gym Insight 

Thank you for reading the first of employee profiles. Just so you know, our gym management software provides a clear, transparent picture into your company’s financials. Insight software is built in-house, by fitness club owners. There are no cumbersome third-party plug-ins or complicated protocols, and it’s available for a single, low monthly subscription price — no hidden fees, no links to your payment processor. Call us today at 1-855-FOR-GYMS for a free demonstration on how we can lower your software management costs and free up your capital.