How to Drive Members to Socially “Check-in” at Your Health Club

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  • How to Drive Members to Socially “Check-in” at Your Health Club

Encourage Your Gym Members Review Your Facility and “Check-in” on Social Media

People are very health conscious these days, which has led to a surge in fitness business. This high demand for fitness programs and gym memberships has also led to a large number of businesses cropping up, which have made it necessary that gyms reach out to their members to stay competitive. While traditional means of advertising in the gym business are still effective, they often fall short in comparison to social media, which people access all the time. To make your social media campaign truly work, you need to design one that both engages and rewards your members. Below are a few things you need to keep in mind when you design your campaign.

Thumbs Up Social Media

Have a good mix through multiple channels

For your campaign to be successful, you need to have several social media tools working towards one message. By doing this, you reach out to different groups of people. With Facebook, you can reach to your members’ friends and encourage them to join the gym. A site like Linkedin, which is mostly used by professionals, can be used to engage the professionals to encourage their employees or subordinates to join the gym and could also specify how a healthy employee is happier and more efficient. While Twitter is most effective with witty one-liners, Pinterest is a great way to convey a lot through pictures. You Tube is also an effective tool for potential customers to get to know you and your club’s vibe better.

Initial Engagement

If your members have not found your social sites, be sure to first and foremost advertise all of them on your website! I have run across so many health club sites that fail to mention that they are on any social media site. However, I come to realize through more searching that they do in fact have social media sites. Don’t make your members search. Make it easy on them to market for you. Additionally, also advertise by old fashion posters and flyers at your health club’s member services area and locker rooms. There is also a way to reach out to your internet savvy members via their email which you likely collected when they first signed up.

Decide on a message and build your campaign around it

Do a brainstorming session on what your social media campaign should convey. Let the message be such that your gym stands apart from the rest. You could focus on natural health, bodybuilding, strength training, bootcamps, improving stamina, post pregnancy recovery, group programs, etc. Once you have determined a message, create a memorable and catchy theme for your social media campaign but ensure that you keep your niche in mind.

Choose pictures and videos wisely

The first thing that comes to mind when starting a campaign on social media websites is photos and videos. These are the most engaging resources. When it comes to appropriate selection, keep in mind your target audience and what they would expect to see on a fitness related site. Give viewers an idea of how your fitness facility stands apart for the rest including the kind of equipment you have as well as other services you offer. Also post a few "before" and "after" pictures of members who have really transformed themselves through your gym over time. Do not forget to make your features diverse and include all ages. You want to make as many people, including the Baby Boomers welcome! Do not forget to ask the permission of your members before uploading their pictures.

Encourage the members to check-in on social media

Most people on social media have an innate and continuous desire to check-in as they move into a restaurant, movie theater, etc. By doing this, they get an opportunity to tell the world the activities they are indulging in. When you let your members check-in as they enter your health club, they get to project to the world that they are fitness conscious. In turn, as the name of your club is featured in the check-in, you reach out to all the friends and fans of your members. This is so important for your good reviews to be posted on certain sites! Encourage check-ins by highly rewarding your members to do so with free personal training sessions or even something not related to the gym like movie passes. Experiment and see what works!


Through social media outlets, inform your members of your referral programs, discounts and other perks. Even encourage simple feedback and interaction (likes & shares) on your social sites by giving away something new every week. For example, it can be something simple for your Twitter campaign. For every “retweet” give away a gym towel. For a Facebook share or comment, give away a gym tee-shirt. You get the point. Just always mix it up to keep your members engaged and wanting more.


Encourage your customers to share their experiences through the fitness journey. It can be a great way for your members to share with others like them the weight they have shed or the difficulty they are experiencing. Many people feel lonely in their fitness problems, and hearing from others with similar problems can be both inspiring and encouraging.