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What Gym Software Can Do For You

The whole point of owning a gym is to be able to take control of your own destiny. You can have a great job that’s more exciting than the daily grind of office work, gives you freedom and you get to help others achieve health and fitness. What could be more rewarding? That is, if you can overcome the types of distractions that are likely to undermine your efforts and steal the hours from your day. These distractions come in many forms but you can beat them with effective management and the use of dedicated gym management software like Insight. Distractions eat away at time and sap your energy through worry and stress. Here are a few of the issues that Insight will help you overcome to become a happier and more well adjusted gym or health club owner.

Spend Less Time Searching for Member Account Information

The problem with using a paper form and filing system to track members is that the information gathered is passive and unorganized. Spreadsheets are easier to work with but they’re still limited and it’s impossible to tease out the important big-picture data that helps you make critical business decisions. The advantage of Insight is that you have the information readily available in reports and you can drill down to the level of detail that you need. This will eliminate the financial distractions of billing and collections and help to maximize your revenue.

Stop Worrying About Your Staff

If you have just gone to great trouble to hire a manager you need feel confident that you can step back and let them manage. So, it’s good to be able to keep track of finances and membership activities, from home, down to the last penny. You can use Insight to remotely access the system and track that your staff is doing what they’re supposed to. It’s good to check in and keep an eye on things but you don’t have to let it take you away from your personal life.

Monthly Reporting is Easy With Insight’s Software

Does the mere mention of the terms P&L and payroll churn your stomach? You get all of the reports you need from Insight, in the right format to print your revenue reports and payroll output to go straight to the payroll company.

What Are Your Members Worth To You?

If you have to dig through piles of paper forms or copy and past from stacks of spreadsheets to measure your performance it can be very distracting. If you don’t have the right application to compile information about your business, chances are, you won’t spend the time to pull it together manually. Insight will put vital information at your fingertips. You will be able to track how long members stay with you and which members are most likely to drop out. With that information you can bring back wandering members, slow the turnover rate and increasing the value of each client to your business.

What Does This All Mean?!Business man fighting red tape monster

Insight helps you run your gym the way you want, without having to worry unduly about your finances and what your staff might be doing. Having the information available at your fingertips means you don’t have to face the distracting tasks of digging through files and spreadsheets manually. You can drill down into the many reports to quickly get exactly the data you need, when you need it. It’s important to have the right tools to do the job and with Insight you can be confident that you know everything that you need to be in full control.

So What Now?

There is absolutely nothing to loose when you sign up for the FREE Gym Management Software System. The team at Insight has made the process of signing up as unobtrusive as possible and with no need to deal with humans! All that is needed is a name, and verifiable email address. After the email address has been verified a link will be sent to sign in. If you don’t get an email within a few minutes of signing up, always check your spam folder. Once you click on that link, we will ask for your fitness business name and to read our terms of service. No phone numbers or addresses are requested and, even better, neither is your credit card! You are then in using Insight software and on your way to cutting through the distractions!