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We have been working hard behind the scenes to bring you new updated, aesthetically pleasing, and user friendly intuitive software! Without any obligations, or human interaction, begin entering your fitness business members within sechardware with muscleonds of registering for an account.

You may say, “How is this different than the old version of Insight?”

I am glad you asked!

Insight V2 Free Software is no longer for the 30 day trial demo version.

Now, once you enter an account, or a new account if you are a returning user under the old version, you will have unlimited access to the management software for one location. You will also have access to integrated for purchase applications that make the Insight experience even sharper!

Also, the registration process is completely unobtrusive and simple. Only give us a name and an email address. Once the email has been verified, you will be asked to enter a password for your protection and your fitness business name! That is it! NO credit card information, no phone numbers, no scheduling appointments to speak to a salesperson.

Give Insight V2 a try. There is absolutely nothing to lose and only greater Insight to gain into your fitness business!

Click here for to try Insight now!


Lawrence Fagan
July 22, 2013

Hi Lizaan,

Thank you for trying Insight! I sent you a private email which will answer your concerns about the required fields. Also, almost any barcode scanner will work with Insight’s check-in access application. All you have to do is download the app!


Lizaan Moore
July 22, 2013


I am from South Africa and would love to use your program. We are part of a franchise so there might be others here that might want to use it too. I just have one problem. When entering the address it defaults to US addresses that unfortunately is completely different to our South African addresses. and currency . Is there any way to change that on the system as i cannot enter any members on the program as it doesn’t except it .

We also have a bar code scanner to log visits. Can That be set up?

Please respond as soon as possible.

Lizaan Moore
Shapes for women
South Africa

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