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6 Best Gym Machines for Beginners to Use

Gym equipment is divided into gym machines and free weights. For beginner use, it is advisable that you work with gym machines first. Right about everyone wants to look younger, have an amazing body, as well as great skin. To meet these objectives, it is important that your gym is equipped with the best machines. This is more so if you are attending to beginners who are fragile and need a stepping-stone.

Gym machines come in handy in offering a variety of exercises. While it is important to incorporate the use of free weights, it is recommended that you use the following best gym machines for beginners to use.

  1. Leg Extension Machine

This gym machine is advisable for use before getting into any other exercise machine. Beginners can use it to warm up their leg muscles and leg joints. The individual lifts a weight using his or her legs while retaining the back position. Your legs should be positioned under and on the pad with your feet pointed forward. Ensure that your hands are holding the sidebars. It allows for adjustments in effort to suit the different individual heights so you can keep the gym operational in the long-term.

  1. Calf Machines

You may choose to purchase the standing calf raise or the seated calf raise if not both. They each seek to deliver on different objectives. The standing calf raise works on the upper calf muscles whereas the seated calf raise aims at working on your lower calf muscles. Even better, you can have both in your gym.

  1. Lat Pull Down Machine

This machine is ideal for beginners because it does not come with any complications and you will not need to have a trainer constantly on your clients back. It helps individuals to work on their upper body with a focus on their arms. It features a set of weights and a bench. To workout, the individual sits on the bench and with the help of a bar at the top of the machine they pull down some weights. While it can serve almost the same purpose as a chin-up, chin-ups require that the user have the ability to lift their body weight.

  1. Pec Deck Machine

Pec deck machines are ideal for working on the pectoral muscles on your chest. In addition, they also work on your arms. By positioning your hands on the arm pads or handles, the individual pulls them in as if to want them to touch. This action helps you to pull up some weights. The back is stable with a cushion to firmly gain control and prevent straining the back. This machine boosts strength without the risk of any accidents.

  1. Hack Squat Machine

The hack squat machine is designed to help you exercise your legs while putting more emphasis on your thighs. This is because you use your legs to push your body and some weight upwards. It features a footrest that takes in the pressure as you push the rest of your body. It is inclined at an angle to ensure that your back does not suffer from strain. Because the back features a pulley to help you lance the weight, this makes it ideal for beginners as it minimizes on any risks that may lead to accidents.

  1. Leg Press MachineLeg Press

A leg press machine aims at exercising your legs. It is inclined at an angle with weights placed slightly above you. To perform the exercise, you lie flat on the bench that is situated at the bottom and position your feet under the weights. Lift and drop (up and down) the weights with your feet ensuring that your back is flat on the bench. In this position, you can lift heavy weights safely, as you will not experience cases of falls or slips. Since you are lying down, there is less strain on your back and the pulley boosts the functionality of your legs.

The above are the best gym machines for beginners to use. Every gym should have these machines because they are less complicated so beginners do not have to feel like they just walked into a maze of mystery. In addition, they are designed to minimize on risks while at the same time delivering on results.

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