20 Things Successful Gym Owners Do Everyday Part 2

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20 Things Successful Gym Owners Do Everyday Part 2

This is the second part about the things that gym owners should be doing every day to be successful. If you haven’t done so yet, go back and read the first part of the list before reading this final part.

Dave Ramsey writes about a whole raft of great stuff. He discusses things like getting out of debt and building wealth. If you want to develop a successful abundant life and also make a big contribution it’s easier than you think. The list of things that the wealthy do and don’t do touches on interesting points about the habits that lead to success and the habits that result from success. There’s a lot of redundancy in the items on the list because so many of the habits and attitudes that lead to success are complementary

11. 6% of wealthy respondents say what’s on their mind

Meaning that they keep their opinions to themselves. This is about leadership and as a gym owner and operator you need to be restrained with your opinions. People remember harsh words and hurt feelings.

12. 79% network five hours or more each month

Build a network of contacts in your business community. I’ve been writing a lot about networking lately and I think this supports what I’ve been saying about how connecting with people will help you to be successful and share that success with the community. Also, when people know the good work you do, they will bring opportunities to you (see habit 17 below).

13. 67% watch one hour or less of TV every day

If you’ve got time to spare get in the habit of putting it to use on improving and increasing your business.

14. 6% watch reality TV

Hopefully your life as an entrepreneur and small business owner provides enough reality to satisfy your personal need for drama. Try to make what you do watch quality television that relaxes and informs you.

15. 44% wake up three hours before work starts

Wasn’t that what Ben Franklin said? Getting an early start will help you get organized and prepare to tackle the challenges that running a gym will throw at you. One thing that I love about this business is that every day is different; an early start will keep you on top.

16. 74% teach good daily success habits to their children

I’m not going to suggest you treat your employees like children. However, developing your staff has to be an ongoing and everlasting process. I recently wrote about encouraging good habits in your staff. I’m convinced that you have to help people grow to keep them motivated and productive. If you want your gym to be a success it has to be staffed by people who are willing to develop the habits that will make that success possible.

17. 84% believe good habits create opportunity and luck

Running a gym can be hard work. You have to be alert for opportunities and be in a position to exploit them.

18. 76% believe bad habits create detrimental luck

Know that bad habits will leave you open to negative events or bad luck. You won’t see them coming, which means you won’t be able to respond effectively, making the impact worse than if you had been prepared. Bad habits mean that good luck will pass you by.

19. 86% believe in lifelong educational self-improvement & 20. 86% Wealthy respondents love to read

The world is changing fast; you have to try to be one step ahead just to keep up. Reading is still the best way to be informed and aware of what’s going on in the world and in the gym management business. Non-fiction reading, whether it’s biographies, history, science or current events, expands your understanding of the world and supports your education and self-improvement.

I think the themes here are leadership, learning and self discipline because if you want to stay on top of the game you can’t just rely on the fact that you sign the checks. You need to be a leader, the ultimate example of how to act and how to treat people, and be informed enough to be mentally resourceful, so that you can respond proactively to any challenges.So the question is: Do people become wealthy because they have these habits or do they have these habits because they are wealthy? It’s probably a little subtler and not a simple black and white answer. People become wealthy by building up the good habits from whatever starting point from which they begin, and for which most of us, innately, have the potential to develop.

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