Seven Sources Of Authentic Seasonal Gratitude

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  • Seven Sources Of Authentic Seasonal Gratitude

The Thanksgiving 2014 Gym Insight Blog Post

It’s Thanksgiving again, one of my favorite times of the year. It’s the time to be with family and enjoy the harvest we’ve reaped. Even if it’s been a tough year and there’ve been so many challenges your head’s spinning, it’s important to count the blessings and keep the situation in perspective. So there are no references or links for this post, I’m just going to pitch it from my heart.

When I say to be grateful facing challenges I mean it literally. When the chips are down that’s the best time to take inventory and count your blessings, it helps you keep the positive outlook and focus on solutions. So, here are seven reasons to be grateful this grateful

Blessed To Own A Gym

Whether you’re starting a gym or just thinking about it, the opportunity to be in the position to seriously do so is a great place to be. Owning your own gym is an ambitious aspiration. It takes you beyond the vast majority of dreamers and workers, who would love the opportunity but who, for whatever reason, don’t do it.

Helping People To Find Fitness

There will be moments when you want to quit, but by sticking in there and weathering the storms you’ll find that you’ve created something that is valuable beyond the bottom line. You’ll have built a place in the world, one that you can share with people who count on you for work as well as members who willingly pays for the privilege of spending time in your place. At the end of the day any business is about people and when you can help people be stronger, leaner and healthier it’s one of the most satisfying feelings.

Giving Thanks For Digital Resources

It occurred to me the other day that I’d have a tough time going back to the twentieth century, say before 1995. There are so many things that are easily taken for granted these days. Yes, I do mean things like broadband Internet! That is not a small thing because there are so many things that depend on software as a service in one form or another.

Information today is close at hand and easy to find. This has only been true recently. To find out something that you needed in decades past required at the very least an encyclopedia or a trip to the library, for anything more vital you were going to have the cost of consulting an expert of some kind, whether they were professors, professionals or private detectives.

Gym Management Gratitude

In the gym we have some great equipment that has evolved over the last few years and systems, brands and workouts that make training fun more than any in the past. These systems and creative ideas about fitness make it easier to attract members.

A Dynamic Exciting And Rapidly Changing Profession

There are resources organizations, and turnkey solutions the chance to express your own ideas as enterprise and innovation within the industry that make it possible to start a gym or studio with a pre-designed package that is backed up by the infrastructure so support the new business owner and a proven, duplicable business model.

A Business Environment That Rocks

If you know what you want to do and it is original it has never been a better time to finance an original project. Investors are willing to risk the kind of money required to set up a gym business. There are investors at every level who appreciate that diversifying their portfolios with businesses that are likely to be in demand for the foreseeable future.

Thanks To All The Insight Gym Users And Employees

But for me there is something more to be most grateful of all: My deepest thanks and appreciation to all of the clients who have taken a chance on a small business model like Gym Insight and to my employees who have stuck it out with me through the hard times of starting the business and helping to turn it into what it is today. I wouldn’t be here to write about this without you. Happy Thanksgiving to you and all your families!