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Barcoded Key Tags Or RFID For Easy Entry

RFID and Barcoded key tags are two widely used types of systems for gym access control, in common usage with gym management software systems. Gym Insight supports both key technologies, it’s just a matter of which suits your needs best. Each has its uses, advantages and weaknesses. Fortunately there are two clear paths along which to tread and they match up neatly with one or the other of the access types. A small gym that has remote management and unattended 24 hour access has different needs to the one that has open hours with onsite staffing and a strong, established market for group type classes.RFID card and reader

All of your hardware and software assets being otherwise equal, barcode key tag access control is inexpensive to implement, although it requires staff on site to operate and supervise. The material cost is mainly the tags that you assign to each of the members for entry and access tracking. Radio Frequency Identification or RFID key tag access can be used in combination with controlled entry systems like turnstiles or self-locking doors. This makes RFID ideal for remote operation and 24 hour access.

The Keys To Gym Accessibility

In both systems the manager at the desk or your offsite auditor can turn to the Gym Insight Membership Management System to confirm that memberships are accessed by the assigned members only. They can review access logs and get a file picture of the gym member to match against the on taken at the time of entry. Each system has virtues and vices. There is much to be said for 24 hour access and some members will make that the main issue in their choice of gym. Other members will be looking for the community that comes from having trainers and staff available while they workout.

The deciding factors for gym owners come down to the predominant mode of operation they’re intending to use, as in, the hours of operation. If you want to have 24 hour accessibility then you need to make the capital investment of the more expensive RFID system. The cost of 24 hour staffing may be prohibitive for the small business and, with the use of RFID, redundant. The staff and management can use the gym management software to remotely monitor activity from offsite 24/7.

Barcoded Key Tags To Keep Tabs on The Crowd

There is something to be said for providing staff in the gym during open hours. With one or two night owls in the gym at any given time there’s less likely to be tension. At peak hours the presence of staff sets the tone and gives authority. The culture of a gym is set by the staff and that is most important when to members who are expecting hospitality and encouragement.

Barcoded key tags are widely available and the service that I’ve had most satisfaction with is They give you a straight forward service, as the name implies. You upload your desired graphic online, check your proofs and make the order. Using barcoded key tags is simple and efficient. Any of the support and security concerns that you might have can be handled by the Gym Insight gym management software.

Keeping The Frequency Clear For Late Night Members

Relatively speaking, RFID tags need a high level of investment to get started; you’re going to have to pour some cash into it to get going. Once you’re up and running you’ll start to reap rewards. Low overhead cost and light supervision requirements for a start. Additionally, it has the potential to extract detailed information about membership activity and attendance. This will become more interesting in the near future as increasing functionality becomes available to RFID key tag systems, as they evolve over time.

RFID key cards are coming on strong and will most likely continue to grow in utility and popularity. However, don’t count barcoded key card access out just yet. There are still a lot of things that they can do well and cheaply. Unless you’re planning to implement remote management and 24/7 operation in the near future, barcoded key tags will get you off to a great start and build a professional, high-tech image without breaking the bank.

Over to you…

What type of gym access system do you have?

What are your own pros and cons of 24 access versus staffed operational hours only?

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Felice Morin
May 26, 2015

Both options do have pros and cons. I can see why it would be good to track the information of when people come and go. This would also help in deciding membership prices, among other things. Key card systems are becoming more and more common at workplaces as well. Thanks for the article!

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