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  • Get Organized with the Gym Insight Enhanced Billing Model

How does a small gym get the most out of its software and payment processing resources? What is the right combination of services to best support gym owners and their managers in the battle against the seemingly unlimited resources of the multinational big-box brands of the fitness industry?

I have been working hard to answer those questions both for Insight and for my own small gym. The extensive market research that I have been conducting has showed me that there literally is a middle way. To that end, I am proud to announce that Gym Insight is launching a new service level, one that has the best features of a full service billing model and a gym management software system.

Gym Management Software Functionality Combined With Contact & Document ManagementOiling Gears

This is best described as a "quasi-full service" gym management system. I’ve blogged about the difference between full-service and software only service providers in the past. Insight provides the functionality of operational control with billing functionality but does not impound your revenue in any way beyond the basic monthly subscription. The new service will now extend to support and automate many of the functions that you get from full service billing systems.

Gym management systems do part of the work you need to automate and monitor your operations. Payment processing services take the payments and deposit them in your merchant account, which is the other part. Full service billing systems handle all of the work that goes with gym management, accounts management and also controls your payment processing by transfer the money that they’ve collected to your bank account after subtracting their fees.

There is an opportunity to provide an even better service by doing everything of a full service provider while still giving you the ultimate control over your money. Gym Insight already has the capability to automate and monitor your operations while giving you the ultimate control over your money because we do not impound your money in any way. However, there was still the accounts management component missing. The solution is to provide the accounts management service for you.

Gym Insight will now automate activities like the “task” cues that are reminders for your gym employees to contact clients. Tasks can be as simple as making contact with a member to wish them a happy birthday or to remind them of an upcoming prepaid account expiration and to see if they would like to renew. The more complicated tasks can include notifying members of payment delinquencies, updating credit card payment information, or handling the paperwork for collections. When our system schedules these calls for sales and renewals when expiry times roll around and you and/or your staff are overwhelmed with other business, Gym Insight now has the capability to make these important contacts with your members on your behalf.

Use this expanded gym management and document handling software in combination with the most cost effective payment processing option of your choice. That way you have the most efficient and effective solution for your entire front desk and back office functions. This will put you in a position of strength in even the most competitive market. The only part not included in this enhanced version of Insight, like other full service providers, is the impounding of customer funds for payment processing. Thus, our solutions still leaves you free to choose the merchant vendor and payment gateway that suits your business needs the most.

Expanded Service That Optimizes Efficiency

You need to have both systems in place in order to get the boost that will automate your business. By providing all documentation functions, scheduling and reporting and controlled payment processing, you get a system that is designed for the gym owner by a gym owner. It lets you look at payment processing with a keen eye and use the one that is most cost effective.

As a small gym you need to have the most effective payment processing system you can get. If you want to compete with the big fitness chains you’re going to have to use a dedicated payment processing service. However, to be successful as a gym you need to have the software that is designed for the industry.

The entire point of a gym management software system is two-fold: First, to make your job easier and let you run your fitness business without going insane. Second, and I think this is the true secret to success in this industry; it systemizes your operation to make it run like a well-oiled machine. That is different from just tracking information; it puts discipline into your management routines and daily operations.

This is an enhanced, quasi-full service billing model that handles all of the gym management functions, tasks and supporting documentation work. It is the latest way that Gym Insight will help you get the best combination of services required to win in the small gym ownership business.

Over to you…

If you are interested in finding out more about this additional service, please email me for additional information at [email protected] or post a comment or question here!