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Whether you have a front desk set up or a 24 hour access health club or studio, Gym Insight’s access software works with barcode scanners and keytags. 123 keytags profile pic

Since we do not provide barcoded keytags, we have received countless requests from our software clients for referrals to a keytag provider. For the best customer experience at the lowest cost and the easiest ordering process, check out 123keytags.com. Owner, Lee Roberts, has been in the fitness commercial business for nearly 20 years. Now, he exclusively specializes in barcoded keytags and works with a wide spectrum of fitness business owners, from large scale fitness facilities to smaller studios. 123keytags.com also offers customization!

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Lee Roberts
March 6, 2014

Thanks for the post! As you mentioned, our prices are the best anywhere! Plus, we do not charge a setup fee for customizing your keytag with your logo, which is a great cost effective way to advertise your brand.

Our prices can be found at www.123keytags.com and our blog is at www.keytagclub.com.

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