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Innovation is a key to survival in the modern business world and Gym Insight is always looking to develop new methods for gym owners to take advantage of technology to stay on the leading edge. We are developing a program for gym owners that will have the benefits of a marketing service without the cost of a full service business-to-business agency.

I know from experience that small gyms and independent fitness center owners don’t have a lot of resources to throw at marketing. Also, Light bulb with idea tags insideif you are like us, you want your business to be a lifestyle enterprise. We intend our business to be low pressure and built on a creative drive for excellence; we can achieve that by helping you to do the same.

There are sets of activities that any effective marketing team will provide for their company or clients. By condensing the most important into a self-service platform Gym Insight is creating a product that will help you help your self. We will provide you with the content that will drive traffic and spark the flame of a successful online presence.

Marketing: Kind of A Big Deal

Knowing how to market your product is the key to the success, of any enterprise. But before that you have to know what product is going to fit the market and serve your interests best. Traditionally this has been the realm of the professionals; marketing departments and agencies that provide a range of elaborate services. Most recently the leading edge has been in Internet marketing and search engine marketing and social media. Agencies provide intricate campaigns that test content and craft precisely targeted results for their clients.

Do you want leverage for your marketing on Facebook and Twitter?

In gym marketing this has been as true as in any industry. The usual approach to gym marketing is geared toward direct mail, email marketing and full-blown agency models where they charge a pretty penny for SEO and SEM. The thing is that gym-centered marketing is pretty specific and narrow as a market segment. You need to have the specialized support but that usually comes at a high price. The answer is what I am proposing to do here.

The Campaign Starter Kit

It’s difficult enough to run a small business like an independent gym without the additional burden of creating and scheduling a social media campaign month in and month out. The Gym Insight non-agency service will take care of the time consuming elements of social media. You will be able to pick up monthly updates that provide the text for micro blogging, blogging and opt-in subscriber content. It will be up to you as the client to post it to your accounts.

A copy and paste campaign that reminds you when it’s time to post.

The key to your success your Internet presence and in social media is content, content and more content. The service that we’re developing provides pre-formatted written material that you will post for yourself. Another important factor is that the content should appear when you need it. The service will schedule activity at a predetermined rate, tailored to your market and demographics.

We will employ our specialized knowledge of the industry, lessons learned and the benefit of spreading the marketing costs across all of our clients to share.

Help Gym Insight Help You Help Yourself – Let’s hear your comments and ideas!

I have conducted some preliminary research, and as of yet, have not come across any non-agency content services for gym owners and managers out there, but it looks promising in the way that it will get agency results at a fraction of the cost. By supplying the content pre-formatted for Twitter, Facebook, blog posts and email newsletter, we can help independent gym owners enjoy better connections with their communities and memberships. This kind of leverage will enable gym owners to enjoy the lifestyle and success that we believe should be a natural part of this business.

Over to you…

Is this a service that would interest you?

Any thoughts or feedback to make this service more beneficial?

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