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What your fitness business should do in 2022.

At first glance you might think that I’ve already covered this topic for the year. But this is a little different; it’s intended to be a straightforward list of resolutions for the New Year. I want to make this a post about looking forward and in the last post on making plans there was a lot of content that I left out simply because there was too much good stuff for one post to cover.

So, this is a list of what a fitness business should resolve to do in the New Year. Resolutions are supposed to serve a purpose, they’re an opportunity for a fresh start and the New Year is always a perfect time to make them.

Resolutions Reloaded

If your gym business already does any of the following consistently, give yourself a pat on the back. It’s so important to have the discipline to build habits that will support your success. If you haven’t been doing any of them, keep an open mind and choose something, even just one thing, from this list and make a determined effort to put it into action for the New Year.

Write Down Your Goals For The Year

Okay, so this is getting right back to basics but have you set goals for the year?

Goal setting really does make a difference in the outcomes you achieve. It’s the difference between wandering into random outcomes that you didn’t expect and steering towards ones that you foresaw.

CEO Lawrence Fagan, Gym Insight

Put Your Goals Into a Marketing Plan

Take the time to add that extra step to your strategizing and planning that puts the year’s activities into a structure. If your goals represent your vision for the upcoming year then a good marketing plan is the statement of mission that puts your vision into action.

Start a Marketing Initiative

Match your goals up to your marketing plan for the year, as I said, and then decide on actions to make them real. Do something unique like setting up a line of own-brand merchandise. Or plan a series of seasonally themed events for the year and issue press releases to local and social media, to generate public interest at the start of each one.


Metrics as Mile Markers

Develop a set of simple numbers that show how well your business is doing. Use reports from your gym management software; apply them to past years and this year to see what stands out, set targets for the coming year. These will be the metrics by which you measure your gym’s progress. For example, member involvement as indicated by additional purchases of classes, training and merchandise, beyond their basic memberships.

Beginning of a Checklist on a Clipboard
Resolve to know your business’ metrics this year!

Improve Member Retention

Can you spot the red flags of members who are likely to drop out? It may be that there’s a correlation between some fundamental metric and retention. If you look closely at the reports, perhaps you will find something that stands out as a marker. The key is what you do about it, which brings us back to your marketing plan and the initiatives that support it.

Become A Trend Watcher

Make it a regular practice to survey the market and media for emerging trends. Join email lists for reports and subscribe to websites that watch the industry. This will help to get your finger on the pulse of the industry.

Decide For Yourself

Sit down for a few minutes and come up with your own resolutions that suit your situation. If you feel like sharing your resolutions in the comments section please do so. There’s nothing to make a goal concrete like telling it to the world. We welcome any such announcement here without judgment (but we might hold you to it).

2022 will mark the 14th year since I started programing Gym Insight’s software and we’re still growing and going strong. Every year has brought us a new iteration of success and challenges that we would have never believe we could master before we started. The gym management business has been good to us, and the software business even better. We really enjoy having a chance to share our success,and I personally have enjoyed the interactions that were brought about by this blog.

My most strident resolution for the year is to get to the next level of connection with our readers, clients, and peers. Everyone who reads this is welcome to join us in the journey.

From the Gym Insight Team, we wish you a healthy and happy New Year!

Gym Insight

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This blog has been updated. It originally published December 31, 2013.