Personal Trainer Prep: 3 Questions a New Client Will Likely Ask You

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  • Personal Trainer Prep: 3 Questions a New Client Will Likely Ask You

You’d be forgiven for assuming that each and every professional working in the health and fitness industry today was of the same caliber, but you’d also be very wrong indeed. In reality, the differences can be night and day which for clients and customers can mean the difference between fast results and no results at all.

So with this in mind, here are three questions clients are more than likely to ask any prospective personal trainer before they agree to sign up:

What Qualifications do You Possess?Personal trainer with clipboard talking to his client

Qualifications often amount to no more than words on paper, but in this instance a client may think it vital to look into how qualified you are in the field for the sake of their health and safety. After all, there’s really no other way of finding out whether you are in fact a personal training professional, or just a person with an interest in fitness looking to make money through a pretty website. Be sure to keep any hard copies of your certifications you have easily accessible, in case they ask for concrete proof – it’s unlikely, but just in case.

Do You Have Any Success Stories to Share?

Any trainer can sing his or her own praises, but do you have any genuine examples or case studies to back up their claims to fame? Of course you do – you’re really proud of the fact that you helped Mr. X lose 65lb in the space of 12 months, but it’s up to you to prove it to your clients. Any pro trainer should be happy to share client feedback or even put new clients in touch with prior clients to give a better insight, assuming of course you have nothing to hide!

What Guarantees do You Offer?

And finally, you can’t promise the world overnight, but any trainer working in 2013 should be able to offer at least some guarantee of success – assuming your teachings are followed to the letter, that is. It’s become something of an expected standard for assurances to be given, which can be of huge importance for motivation – be sure to do the same for your own clients.

By Lisa Morton

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