Top 10 Questions Every New Customer Will Ask When Joining Your Health Club

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  • Top 10 Questions Every New Customer Will Ask When Joining Your Health Club

Customers today understand that it is very important to know as much as they can about a gym, health club, fitness facility, or studio before they decide to join. It is vital for you or your staff to be prepared to answer these queries in a manner which remains truthful during the sales process.

  1. How Much does it Cost?

Any individual joining a gym will most likely first ask about the membership rates. Be sure to tell them the entire price, including Gym Membership Applicationtaxes and extras, and then tell give them the breakdown of everything that is included in the total. Displaying a large amount at first may seem like a poor marketing strategy, but when they probe to ask minor things like if towels are charged extra, you can at least keep assuring them EVERYTHING is included within the cost presented.

  1. What Is the Guarantee that I Will Become fit?

Answer very clearly that the health facility you are offering is only half the job. The other half naturally depends on the regularity and nutrition of an individual. If qualified or have a nutritionist on staff, suggest some plans for specific workouts or offer to set them up with a personal trainer and/or nutritional coach introduction. Going out of your way to help customers will win their loyalty.

  1. Can I Have a Trial Period before Deciding?

Always allow this option, because the market is too competitive not too. In fact, it is advisable to incorporate a "try-before-buying" scheme. People get impressed at the confidence of the health facility owner when they are allowed to experience what they may purchase.

  1. Who Will Be My Trainer?

Many people will ask this question before joining. People need some assurance that their trainers consist of only certified personnel who will assist them in achieving their goal without harming themselves in any way. Suggest that they may have a session with a trainer the trial period.

  1. How Is the Group-Fitness Program?

Some people feel uncomfortable working out while others are present. Perhaps you may allow a tour in the gym showing them like-minded people exercising together with an efficient and motivating trainer.

  1. Will I Have to Wait to Use Gym Equipment?

Assure your potential customers that the gym is well-equipped. However, still advice them of the peak hours and days in which the facility is the busiest. Be sure to write down the times that you can guarantee that there will be no wait time for a machine.

  1. Do You Have Any Offers?

Many people try to bargain even after you tell them the complete membership cost. Make sure you have a pamphlet or Insight Sales Guru Solution displaying the prices clearly. Any special offers which the gym may have at that time should be told to the customer when they inquire about the price. Also, such limited period offers should be well advertised.

  1. What Am I Buying?

Give your buyers a good list which has everything that is being paid for by their membership dues. Try to create a list that is comprehensive, to make them see value for money.

  1. How Long Has the Gym Been in Business?

Here, your buyer is testing your credibility. Train your salesperson to answer this question very carefully. If your gym has been running for a long time, tell this to your customer with confidence. If you have just started up your franchise or own gym, tell them about the growth of your gym since opening or projected growth.

  1. When Can I Start?

Plan this in advance and be prepared for price objections. Once the customer has made their final decision, make sure that payment methods are easy and seamless. At the same time, try not to make it look hurried and that you still have the time to spend with the customer to answer questions even after the successful sale.