Hidden Features: Check Out Our New Bulk Actions

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  • Hidden Features: Check Out Our New Bulk Actions

Welcome to our Gym Owner’s Blog. We’re trying something different this issue. Our Gym Insight customers requested more coverage on our software itself – new features, compelling changes — tweaks that make your job easier. Glad to help! We are always excited to talk about new exciting updates or even the crazy common stuff that needs a refresh.

So let’s get started on our “Hidden Features” post. Today, we’re covering Bulk Actions.

What is a bulk action?

Just as its name suggests, this function permits you to modify something en masse. For example, a bulk action could remove digital keytag access from all cancelled memberships at once, rather than hunting down individual accounts. 

Bulk Action

Why did Gym Insight add a Bulk Actions feature?

Gym Insight’s software contains a rich selection of filter choices. Gym operators can narrow their data searches by categories, such as payment status, type of payment, or tags. These filters are nearly endless, as customers may add customized tags to organize members by category. 

In our original design, there were only a few areas of Insight where you could apply an action to multiple members, such as group messaging. Unfortunately, each action had its own screens, methodologies, and set of filter controls. It was a lot for the customer to learn, and for us to maintain. 

There had to be a better way to maximize our powerful filter selection. To remedy this, our technology team went to work and, after considerable contemplation, came up with a way to weave bulk actions throughout Insight.

Report modules now allow bulk actions

Gym Insight offers a wide range of reports — about 90 in total, and growing every day. Everything from frozen accounts to missing member pictures, is available in report form. With our new design, report modules are capable of retrieving data in the system. This shift allows reports to be refined using all the valuable filters embedded in Insight. And, the results narrowed to a specific category. 

Gym owners may then take this filtered report and perform a bulk action against all those results. The user can also view the report results prior to hitting the “send” button, to be certain all the correct filters are listed. No heavy time investment. No messy data clean ups. Just simple.

bulk actions

What are the most common bulk actions? 

Group messages are our most frequently used bulk action. When an operator needs to send a message to a specific member group, they can simply pull and filter the relevant report.

It’s easily done. For an example let’s choose “member reports.” First, the gym operator filters the members report for a specific group. In this example, he filters for members who pay yearly, are prepaid, and who signed on with Silver Sneakers.  Once the report is refined to target this specific member base, he writes the group message, and chooses (if desired) the priority, location, and template. 

Once the system finishes preparations, the user can then hit “run now,” or X to cancel the send. For more information on sending group messages, go to our FAQ page here.

As our tech team describes, “The reports module now has the intelligence to understand what type of entity a given report is showing (such as accounts, members, classes, etc.) and will allow you to run any bulk action that is available for that type of entity on any report.

“There is a small learning curve for our customers to understand how this new mechanism works, but once it clicks, they seem to really appreciate the flexibility and capabilities of this feature.”

Gym Insight

We hope you enjoyed our tutorial. Our gym management software is packed with easy-to-use, simple-to-learn features, sheltered within a user-friendly interface. With Gym Insight, gym owners benefit from automated tasks and features while maintaining a window into the most important cog of the wheelhouse — their data. How well your business is doing – from member retention to cash flow and daily sales — is just a report away. And, because you chose your own merchant account, you retain complete control over your data and transactions. For more information on how Gym Insight can help free up time, increase efficiency, and save you money, call us at 855-For-GYMS and ask for Anthony or Natalia. Our United States-based sales and customer service teams are ready to answer every question.